Saturday, 30 June 2012

Healing Day

"I hearby declare that this date, 28th of June, shalt be know henceforth as Healing Day, as it is the day that the location Blogland is considored Fully Healed. Blogland took a great mental battering a few months ago. There were the terrible Cycles. One of which was the Anger Cycle, in which many Minions got angry at each other; moreover, Blogland was not so nice as before. Perheps the best known is the Depreession Cycle, in which many of the Minions felt overcome with sadness; this then in turn left the other Minions feeling low in spirits. Needless to say, Blogland was not so cheerful a place to be. Many of the Minions attempted to heal Blogland, but it was a fragile peace, one in which the slightest little thing could result in Minions yelling at each other to be happy. Eventually we got over it, but gone was the fighting, the messing around in the lake. Talking filled most of the Bloglandian's conversations. It was a very nice Blogland, but not QUITE how Blogland should be. However, I know think we are back to how we were before. Completely Healed. We are behaving as Bloglandiams should behave again. And so I name the day Healing Day, least we should all forget how dark Blogland once became and how joyous it was to have it back again."

~ Star Inkbright


  1. *hugs* *smiles* *hugs* *grins* *laughs* *hugs*


  2. ....I may have missed that....

    But okay! Let us EAT blogland!!!!

    Wait. You said HEAL. Oh.

    Let us HEAL blogland, and EAT it that way!!!!!

    No, KEEP it that way. Now I am confused.

  3. ...Blogland's never going to be healed. Not back to the way it used to be.

    Sorry, just telling the truth.