Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Guys!! I need your opinion!! Oh, and the cover for Crescent is in this post.

So, I have a HELL load of stuff to write but I don't know what to do first... The things I have most ideas for at the moment are Patchwork, Rogue, Crescent and By Force/Guardian (I haven't decided on a name yet for the last one).

So, I would like you to tell me what you think should be written first, second, third and fourth.
To help you, I'll give you some run-downs of the plots...

Patchwork - I think you'll know but just in case, the emotions and stuff are put it to bodies with personalities and blah blah blah...

Rogue - A more techy story with hacking into computers and just generally being a gaming nerd.

Crescent - SUPERHEROES!!!!!!!!!!!

By Force/Guardian - This is a new one to you all, I do believe, but anyway, it involves aliens, rebels and teen survivors. It aught to be fun to write and, hopefully, fun to read. You can say your favourite name for this one too.

So... Which should be first and last? I want to know, people!!

Oh, the cover, before I forget.

Lynxia x


  1. Crescent, By Force/Guardian, Patchwork, Rogue

    I love your covers, Lynxia xD

  2. Patchwork, Cresent, By Force/Guardian, Rogue
    They're all so good, each one was just a bit ahead of the other

    Cover... is... AWESOME!!


    Hmm. Tough choice . . . I'd say By Force/Guardian LAST because I haven't read it so I'm not dying to read it yet. Hmmm . . . *thinks* Cresent first, coz I love superhero stories. Then . . . Then . . . Then Patchwork then Rogue.

    So, that's Cresent, Patchwork, Rogue, By Force/Guardian.

    I love all your stories, it was a really tough descison:(

  4. Judging from the three comments above, your readers want Cresent first and Rogue last. WHY??? I liked Rogue. But then I liked the others too . . .

    Then your readers say Patchwork second and By Force/Guardian third. Just helping you out a smidge here . . .

    So, to make it clearer, your readers in general say Cresent, Patchwork, By Force/Guardian, Rogue.

    You can tell how bored I am today, can't you? . . . *goes off to hang around aimlessly someplace else*

  5. The cover looks so COOL!!! I'd say it was awesome, but the others beat me to it. Ahem.

    Anyway, I'd want to read Patchwork first, then Crescent. They're both really good, but I'd want to read Patchwork first. By Force/Guardian sounds really cool. Aliens! Teen survivors! Sounds cool! So yeah, By Force/Guardian next. Btw, I kinda like By Force a little better, but since I haven't read it, I can't be sure... Yeah, sorry. Rogue sounds cool and I DO want to read it, but I'd like to read the others first.

    So in a nutshell, Patchwork, Crescent, By Force, Rogue.

    They're all really good and I want to read them, but that's the order I want to read them in.

  6. So Star, I guess it's about even with the Cresent and Patchwork. Readers aren't all with you and Eve. MWAH HA HA