Monday, 11 June 2012

A Murderer's Dance - Prologue and Chapter 1...

Okay, so I might have lied an eency, weency, tiny, ickle bit when I said I didn't have any plans for a sequel for One For You. WAIT!! Wait wait wait wait, before you start throwing the rotten fruit and stuff, I wanted to keep it a secret just to see your reactions when it came out. It was just some honest fun, honest. Anyway, I'll post the start but then I'm not posting any more before the end of all the others no matter what you say or do. I've got way too much to write and I'm posting this to keep me motivated. All right? Probably not but I don't really give a shoedingely wadgja watsit.


America 11:03 am

       Lavender sliced the sandwich in half and picked up one half. She smiled. Everything was quiet, peaceful, tranquil. Just as she liked it. She took a bite from the sandwich. She thought about how people seemed less happy lately. She understood they had the right to be unhappy, after all, the world could be a very unhappy place.
       She was caught completely by surprise, one moment she was deep in thought and eating but that changed when the door shot off its hinges and two people dressed all in black and with blurred faces stormed in. She dropped her meal and morphed into a large, growling dog. She pounced but one of the people injected something into her leg. It dragged her baack into human form and the other smashed her chair on her head. She was unconcious before she hit the floor.

America 11:03 am

       Cece did another lap of the pool. Swimming took her mind off things. The world, the battle, Titan, her sister. She shook her head and carried on. She didn't want to think about them. So much had changed, but to Cece, not much of it mattered without her sister. Sure, she had Sheldon but loosing her sister had been like loosing part of herself. She heard movement behind her. She hadn't seen anyone enter so she turned round to look only to find there was nothing there. She turned and carried on but found herself dragged from the pool by rough hands. Someone tied something over her mouth and they took her away.

Spain 11:37 pm

       Nicholas said something to the man behind the counter in fractured Spanish. For his trouble, all he got was a blank look. Nicholas consulted his English to Spanish dictionary. Maybe he had said 'elephants' instead of 'thank you'. He wasn't sure so he nodded once, collected the newspaper and went outside. It was a humid night, a few drunk people staggering around the streets. Nicholas couldn't sleep though, he could get called in at any time. Sleep was a luxury he couldn't afford.
       He turned onto a side street leading off the main cobbled road and was faced with a man, dressed all in black standing in the middle of the pavement. He went to move around the man but the person grabbed him by his shirt. Nicholas looked into his face but found he couldn't focus on it. Magic, he thought.
       Nicholas said something in Spanish that he hoped was 'Who are you?' but it could have been 'I have lost your grandmother's socks'.
       The man grunted and head butted him. Nicholas's eyes rolled and he feel into unconsciousness.

Australia 8:07 am

       Eve watched the chicken.
       The chicken watched Eve.
       Eve reached through the mesh gate and picked it up by its neck. "Hello." she crooned, patting its head. The chicken fought to escape but Eve laughed. She stood up and turned back to the house. She took a step but only collided with someone dressed in black. This person shoved a bag over her head and bundled her into a car. In all the commotion the chicken had died. What a waste, Eve thought.

Australia 8:37 am

       Sparky looked at the robes. Sure, being an Elder was fun but the robes were hideous. The picked them up and held them up to the light. She was thinking about 'forgetting' her robes again when she saw something move in the mirror in the corner of her eye. She faced the mirror and could only gasp as someone dressed all in black sunk a syringe into her leg. Everything blurred and the the person carried away without making a single sound.

Australia 8:37 am

       Nixion felt something land on his face. He opened one eye as another drip fell from the ceiling. Great, he thought, I've got a leak. he rolled out of bed and checked the time. Twenty to nine, he decided it was too early to do anything but he knew he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. He got up and went to the kitchen, it was still a mess. He told himself he'd tidy it. Someday. He poured himself a glass of water and raised it to his lips when he heard the faintest shuffle behind him.
       He turned, chucked the glass and it smashed on the head of someone dressed all in black. Nixion tried to focus on his face but found he couldn't. He cursed magic under his breath. Another figure entered the kitchen from the hall, again dressed in black and a face he couldn't focus on. He reached for his machete then remembered it was still upstairs so he pulled out a carving knife instead. One of the people lunge and he brought the meat knife across his stomach, red leaking and staining his black clothes. The other came from Nixion's left but he elbowed the side of his head, kicked his shin and punched his gut before he could make a move.
       Nixion ran from the house and ran down the street. He reached the end but didn't stop running.

England 11:37 pm

       The woman ran between the looming walls of boxes and shelves. This place was like a maze but she knew her way round. Bare bulbs lit the intersections and cast long shadows into the aisles.
       "Just leave me alone!" came the man's voice from a few rows over. She took a right at the next intersection and headed towards the voice. The woman could have got him at any time but she rarely got a person who wanted to play cat and mouse so she humoured him.
       The woman turned onto the aisle and the man was leaning against a shelf, panting.
       "Hello Benny." she said, taking a few steps towards the man. He was dressed in tattered clothes and was unshaven, probably because she had been chasing him for a couple of weeks.
       "How- How do you know my name? Just stay away she-demon." he screeched, raising a fist as if to hit her.
       "I've read your file, Benny, I know everything about you and I can't leave you alone. I've already been paid." she replied sweetly, only two feet away now and drawing a knife and let it gleam in the dull light.
       "I've told her, I won't tell anyone!! Not a word about her and Thomas." he said.
       "You know, I actually don't care what you've told her. I'm just here to do my job." she said raising her arm for a stab to his gut. "Any last requests?" she asked innocently.
       "Who the Hell are you?!" he screamed.
       "I am Lynxia Lost." she said, smiling like she wasn't about to kill him then the smile dropped and the woman was all business. "Bye bye Benny." she said and drove the knife into his stomach. She drew her mark on his cheek as he struggled for breath and turned and walked away, the smile creeping back onto her lips as the man choked on his own blood.

Chapter 1, Part 1 - Social Call...

       It had been three years since Vengeance had been locked away. Since then, not much had happened. We had all kept in contact, that was about it. Me and Nix were still together except I often had to travel but I always made time to go Down Under. I kept in touch with my brother who remained our link to the mortal world and he was always eager to her what was happening in our 'world within a world'. Sheldon had finally got over Linden and him and Cece were now engaged. That's it. We all carried on doing our jobs, Ivy's being avoiding authority, and just getting on with our magically extended lives.
       I had just finished my work for the day and was curling up on the sofa with some ice cream and a book when there was a knock at the door. I sighed, put my stuff down and got up. I went to the door and tapped the screen so I could see who was out there.
       The screen showed an empty corridor.
       I opened the door and looked left and right. Only Mrs Hensworth was walking down.
       "Are you OK, my dear? You look worried." she said, her wrinkled hands tapping my face.
       "Fine, as usual." I said, slightly puzzled.
       "I'd love to stop and chat, but I really have to go Lydia." she said and went to her flat and went in.
       She always got my name wrong. One day I'd be Lydia, then I'd be Lisa and once, much to my displeasure, I'd been Linden.
       I sat back down when I heard movement upstairs. Oh, for God's sake! Can't I have one normal day? I wondered. It's your own fault, you chose to study magic, I snapped back at myself. I went upstairs. Night and Mist were curled round the top banister of the spiral stair case, as usual but there was now a photo frame on the floor. I picked it up. It showed me, Ivy, Nix, Zath, Robin, Sparky, Flame and Eve when we were about fourteen in Blogland. We all seemed happy. Carefree, all most. I put it back on the side table and moved on. I checked my bedroom. Nothing, just my iPod charging in the corner. I loved my iPod. Everyone made fun of it because it was a Generation 2 and really old but I still loved it. I checked the bathroom. Nothing. Everything where it should be. I reached the end of the corridor and placed my ear to the door of my study. Inside I could hear faint, muffled foot steps as they walked round. Someone was in my study. A someone who was soon going to be in a whole lot of pain if I had my way.
       I charged in and used the shadows to close in on the person.
       The person shouted a little and wriggled until I forced them into a chair and held a craft knife to their throat. I let the shadows fall back and a familiar face stared up at me.
       "Can I get up, please?" Nixion Strange said. "This is important."

Well...? Is it OK? I'll be getting back on track with everything else now but I just wanted to get this out there... 

Lynxia x


  1. *screams* I'LL KILL YOU . . . *remembers I left my sword in Blogland* . . . later.


    "Eve watched the chicken.
    The chicken watched Eve." LOL. THE EVE BIT WAS SO FUNNY:)

    I WOULD nag you to write more except . . . 'Nother Life . . . Patchwork . . . Creseant . . . Rogue . . . Y'know . . .

  2. Gah! Why is it that everyone but you and Nix get taken???

    Joke. Heh. I'm not really mad or anything. It's so cool!!!!!! You have so many ideas and stories and I just want to read all of them!

    Cool idea, you showing where and what time it was for each character.

    So. Cool. Want. More. But I guess we're going to have to wait, huh? I'll try.

  3. I loved it, but I was kind of looking forward to being captured as well.

    For some reason...

    And yeah, I WOULD ask you to keep writing it, but seeing as you already said you aren't changing your mind, I won't bother. >>

  4. Well, unlike the others, I am going to FORCE you to keep writing it, because of my epic skills with begging.


    Epic, I know, I know.

    Also, the "she-demon" thing made me laugh... That's what people in my class shout when they see me grin because they know it can't be a good thing...