Monday, 4 June 2012


I have a HTC Sensation, and up until about ten minutes ago - it was brilliant! I could check my email, blog and do whatever but after some systems update it is FUCKED UP!! It took it 20 minutes to download these updates and now I can barely check my email, I can't blog because I can't sign in and when I finally do it takes an age to load pages and there's no pop up box so you have go through and load them at, like, 20 comments at a time. My phone now doesn't recognise my contacts, I can't sign in to YouTube and there is no way I can find to change it back. So, yea, HTC - YOU SCREWED UP!! Big time. I want to go and get a different phone now because I can't use mine, maybe I should get an iPhone, my friend has got one and it's brilliant. You brought this on yourself HTC! If you read this then, SORT THE GOD DAMN PROBLEM!! I want the old style back and internet I can actually use. I think I might just get my old Samsung out and use that, it's in Polish or something now but it makes more sense than this stupid HTC! So, yeah, you get it - I. HATE. YOUR. GUTS!! If I don't find a way to fix my phone then, bye bye HTC and I will cheer for Apple all the way. If you read this then let me give you some advice, if you ever have a HTC - don't update it, it will fuck it up.

Screw you HTC. Screw. You.

A very angry Lynxia!


  1. Lol! You really love your phone, do you?? xD

  2. ......So what do you have breakfast again?

  3. *writing from iTouch, owns MacBook*

    I could've told you this Lynx.

    With much pleasure.

    Apple for the win.

  4. Wow, I'm not updating whatever HTC is, that's for sure...

  5. It's funny because the main HTC thing is "HTC sense".

    I feel sorry for you though. I actually don't own a phone but I use my iPod touch when it's connected to wi-fi to get on the net and it's quite good.

    I honestly don't see why they have to update things all the time! Just fix the bugs and leave it be!