Tuesday, 12 June 2012


*is close to hyperventilating*

The Question:

Derek's Answer:

My Response:

Just to clarify, if you have never seen Lord of the Rings, Boromir says you can't just walk into Mordor so I thought Derek must be able to as he is the almighty Golden God and I wanted to know wh he would walk in with and his answer made me laugh so much!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few of my favourite 'Walk into Mordor' memes! Enjoy!!!

Lynxia x


  1. hmmm if I walked into Mordor I would I would have Frodo beside me because he's just sooo sweet (and if any baddies came near I would chuck him at them shouting "HE'S GOT THE RING" then run the hell out of there..... *evilschemingmind*

  2. LYNXIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know I haven't commented in ages my laptops being repaired and I have too many exams and aaaaaaaah! But I am now officially up to date. Will you please finish the stories you started all these new ones are getting jumbled in my frazzled mind.

    I love LOTR and I missed Derek on comments ... Again *cries*

  3. I saw a picture on Tumblr that had the bit where he says it and they wrote "One does not simply leave bubble wrap untouched" over the top.
    So many jokes from just one line.

    btw you're so lucky Lynxia.

  4. I know, Derek has been so talky lately! He answered three of my questions, half answered one (well, a but less than that, he didn't answer the question at all, but he still responded to it!!! Hehe) and said hi to me twice in one day! He is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! And he's coming to Adelaide!!!!!!!!!!!!