Monday, 5 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 3, Part 5 - The Old Gang...

I dedicate this to my readers. Mostly Nix and Zath...

Nix - Come back soon. 1 day a week... Tut tut.
Zath - Why threaten something like that?!!!

       We teleported to America. We appeared on a cliff under a cloudy sky and a dark grey ocean. Over on a cliff to our right was a large building. It looked like the typical prisons from films. Grey, made of cinder blocks, watch towers, big walls with barbed wire on top and the big gates and forest of dead looking trees surrounding it. The flood lights were searching the grounds. I turned to Sheldon. "Is it a mortal prison?" I asked.
       He nodded. "I don't know why she'd be here but I can just tell." We started walking up to the gates. I covered us in a veil of shadows so they couldn't see us, kind of like camouflage. Robin snapped the old fashioned padlock with a flick of her sword and we went in. I laced the shadows around the perimeter so we could move freely and started up the winding road. Nix went off the road and onto the field. "I'm as quick as a shadow and as free as a bird." he spoke in a fake-hoarse voice and ran. He stopped and did a sort of karate pose.
       I rolled my eyes and Eve said "And that's a bomb in front of you." she pointed to a slightly raised pile of earth and the smile that was inching onto Nix's face vanished.
       "Bomb?" he almost squeaked, staring at the pile of dirt "How can you tell?" he was whispering now, like it was a sleeping bear.
       "Not really!" Eve said "I'm just messing. It's a mole hill, silly!" we all laughed and Nix stuck his hands in his pockets, glared at us and walked behind us mumbling.
      We kept to the path all the same. When we reached the main building, Zath climbed through the window. We heard a few grunts and banging heads and the doors creaked open. We walked inside to find Zath hiding guard bodies under the guard desk and eating one of the doughnuts from the box on the table. "What?" he said "I like sugar coated."
       We laughed again and even Nix smiled a little. Zath clicked his fingers and a flame appeared in his hand. I raised an eyebrow. "You chose Elemental, then?" I said.
       "Yeah, it's helpful." We walked behind Zath and watched as our shadows danced on the walls. Cells were lined up and numbered and thin, metal staircases rose to meet catwalks above our heads..
       "Right," Robin said "How are we going to find Ivy in a place like this?" she said.
       "Good point." me and Eve said at the same time.
       "Split up?" Nix said going to the closest staircase. "There's five floors and five of us. I'll take top." he said and started going up.
       "Great, leave out me and the mortal. We won't help then." said Sheldon and him and DI Daniels stood by the staircases.
       "I'll take third." I said, completely ignoring Sheldon, and went up after Nix. From below I heard Eve say she'd take ground, Zath say he'd take first and Robin second. I reached the third floor and looked round. A sign indicated the male half and female half. I turned left onto the female rows and looked through each.
       I heard a fight down below. Guards, I'd forgotten the guards! "Nice you warned us, Shads!" shouted Zath. None seemed to be on my level. That was strange but when I got to cell marked 4H I knew why. In there was Ivy Animosity. There was something about this cell that made me feel hopeless. No wonder there were no guards.
       I opened the door with the shadows and went in. Ivy was curled in the corner, staring at the wall. She looked at me with dead eyes as I came in. "Ivy? How you doin'?" I asked. Sitting on the floor beside her.
       "Fine. I like my cell. All mine. Now, anyway." I didn't want to know what the 'anyway' was so I moved on.
       "Why are you in here? You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to be." I said looking at her. She was wearing normal clothes unlike the other prisoners.
       "I got bored. Killing got boring. Same thing over and over. The same screams, the same begging. It all just... Got... Dull."
       "Well we're doing something new. New challenge, just like the old days, you know? Robin, Zath, Nix and Eve are here. We're gonna get Flame and Sparky and then go on a... Mission. Want to come?" I could see the proposition taking root in her mind. Her eyes widened and then the old murderous twinkle returned.
       "Heck yeah!!!" she jumped up. She pointed her hands at the wall and blue light exploded onto it. "Yeah, I still got it." She licked her finger, touched it to her head and went tsss.
       We ran into the corridor. Jumped down the staircases and everyone else grouped round trying to hug Ivy but ended up having to wave instead. Lots of guards lay unconscious on the floor, in various states of being beaten up.
       "Flame next. Let's go!" They cheered and grabbed Sheldon's arms...


  1. MORE!

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    I loved it, by the way.


  2. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill...
    Haha I second that Sparky.

    By order of the Golden God you will write more, fast.

  3. I love it, Lynxia!

    Oh, and there's a stick of dynamite in that tree. *points to branch*

  4. "Let's split up and search for clues." xD

    I quote what Sparky said!!

  5. Oh and for the record, I HATE jelly filled.