Monday, 19 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 5, Part 1 - Love's Twisted Heart...

So this is one of the more sad parts. Nix, in this part you're... Well I can't describe it. Hysterical? Maybe you could say that but not hysterical funny. But, just read...

       After the meeting in the kitchen/dining room I went back upstairs while the others talked. Bits of conversation floated up to me. Stuff about magic, words I couldn't understand and and me forgetting everything. I heard the front door open a number of times, probably the others going to get more 'leads' as Robin had said. Robin had come to see me again, back in that plainly furnished room and asked me questions like 'What was my favourite colour?' and 'When had I first fired my bow?'. All of the answers were a series of 'I don't knows's and Robin went back downstairs. I looked at the bow propped against the wall. I realised this must be mine and a sense of longing drifted through me.
       Later, when the sky had turned deep indigo, I realised I was hungry. I went down to the stairs. Some of the others were still out but I hoped at least one person was still in who I could ask. I went to the kitchen door and pressed my ear against it to hear if anyone was in there. 
       "Just calm down Nix." it sounded like Flame.
       "Don't tell me to calm down! I hoped that we might get back together, but how can that happen now her memory is gone? Hmm?" Nix sounded angry, hurt and miserable.
       "Maybe she had moved on by the time she had come to get you. It has been nine years remember." Flame said in a calm voice.
       "I know that, but I still love her and I hoped she still loved me." he replied, in a forced-calm monotone.
       "And I'm sure she does. And as soon as she gets her memory back you'll be the first person she runs too." said Flame.
       "And what if she has moved on?" asked Nix, in nearly a whisper.
       "Then we'll deal with that when we come to it but for now, let's focus on getting Lynxia's memory back, shall we?" replied Flame soothingly. Something stirred in the little memory I had. Robin had called me Lynxia. 
       They were talking about me.
       I ran back upstairs and into the plainly furnished room, all thoughts of hunger lost. I dropped onto the bed. Nix loved me and I had loved him. Should I tell them I heard? No, they would think I was spying on them. But would I be able to look at Nix now? Now I knew the truth, I didn't think I could.
       I felt like crying but something told me that was not the kind of thing Lynxia did. And after all, I was Lynxia. Or at least I had been.
       When my door opened later and Robin stepped in, I rolled onto my side, faced the wall and refused to talk.

I told you some of it was a bit sad... 
This part isn't very long but dramatic and a little linking part. Very important!
I also have no draft for this so I'm constantly rewriting so the plot may change half way through and totally shock you. I'll try not to but I'm just making this up as I go. So unlike me...

Anyway, are you getting the 'Conflicting Errors' page when you try and comment on Derek's blog? I am and it's really starting to annoy me!

Lynxia x


  1. Love it, lynxia!

    Yep. It is so annoying.

  2. Wow, Shads... It's so good. I love it too. :)

    I'm sorry for thinking that the blog being broken was funny... I don't anymore. I realize how serious it's become.

  3. Blog is broken on Star's blog.

    You do understand, Robin may throw you out the window purely for her own amusement right Shads? It might make you remember something xD

  4. Love it.

    And I can't wait to see what happens between Lynxia and Nix.

  5. *Laughs*

    Of course i understand that it's just a story. I can't believe you thought id be mad.

    I love how involved i am. It's like im actually interesting