Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Poem for Nixion...

The water rushes, a calming sound,
Yet never as sweet when you're not around.
The trees here remind me of you,
Strong and tall, standing through and through.

I walk between the tangled roots,
I hear them crunch beneath my boots.
I appear in a clear, warm meadow,
I this where we had talked long ago?

I hear your voice, just a memory,
I try to remain standing calmly.
I can feel you arm around me again,
Will you come back? I don't know when.

I turn my face and there you are,
Standing tall against the stars.
You smile and look straight at me,
Just as it is meant to be...

Also, you wanted to know what I sounded like so here...

Again, so picture, just sound...

Really crap quality too. At one point I say Nagier and it sounds like Natier because of the phone... Sorry!   X(

Lynxia x


  1. Aw... this is amazing, Lynxia. Don't worry - it will work out in the end.

  2. That's sad in a happy way.
    Everything will be fine in the end; it always is.

    The poem itself is amazing.

  3. Your accent stuns me. I love it - I really do.

  4. The poem is really nice Shads. I agree with them^ The poem is amazing. Wow. :)

    I'm finding it funny that people are doing videos cause I started this in the first place. :P

    I like your voice. :)

  5. I love English accents. I wish I was English.
    The poem's fantastic! Well done!