Monday, 26 March 2012

Sorry Eve and Poke-nerd-ness...

Okay, so when I did the last video on the post below I do believe I said your name wrong - or that's what you said on Derek's blog... So - NEW VIDEO!!! Again no picture, crap quality and this time I say it Ay-va. That right?

Okay... There's the video. See it? Don't see it? I can see it but some people say they can't, sorry...

And because I am a slight bit of a Poke-nerd. Here are some Pokemon related gifs. I got bored, don't judge and you know you loved that time in your childhood when some guy came up to you in class and this happens...

Random Child - Bet I have better Pokemon than you!
Me/You - I seriously doubt it.
RC - Why?! What do you have? A level 5 Pidgy? *laugh*
M/Y - No, I have a level 100 Arceus.
RC - *glares at you like BITCH!!!* *storms off*

Okay, so maybe I am a little sad for going to the convention in London, dressed up just so I could get said Pokemon but it is still really funny when that happens ^^^ Nobody can deny that...

In case you don't know Gary - it's Professor Oak's grandson and he always has to be better than you - he is pretty awesome though but that makes me hate him more...!

Grrr... Everyone hates Zubats and being in a cave with no more Repels...

Who likes Magikarp? Who invented it? When it evolves it's Golden God damn awesome but, seriously. Tackle at level 10? Why?

Inception is confusing... Took me a couple of viewings to understand! (Well, I say a couple - more like 7!!!)
Basically they have this thing to control dreams and you can appear in other peoples dreams and change them and blah blah blah... Darkrai makes it easier to understand. He controls dreams and nightmares. Full stop!

I'm still trying to understand this one. It's f***ing weird!!!

Finally, for my fellow Potter-nerds!

And aslo, before I forget, as we have gone sssooo far back on Derek's blog I still think we should leave the competition post free as Derek requested himself that we do not use it for idle chatter. I believe we should respect his wishes...

'Tis all! No story because I've had so much music-y stuff to do as of late, will right more over Easter holidays, but for now...

Lynxia x

PS - Just because I can I changed my Favicon to this... Let's hope t works...

Feel free to save it and set it as your Favicon and show some Poke-nerd pride!!!

PPS - I'm embracing my full nerdiness today, so...

^^^ My Fandom stuff! ^^^      XD


  1. These are hilarious xD I love pokemon




  3. I love Pokemon too! But I have only seen the original episodes... And the movies. I don't play the games or have the cards. Sorry. :P

  4. Now Mist, You and I are all Sith. You and I are Dauntless.
    That's good.

    I'm not a Pokemon fan but then I don't know much about it so yeah.
    I haven't watched Inception yet but I will.

  5. I've only watched the first season of pokemon. Maybe a few in the second. And the first movie. I like the earlier stuff.

  6. Ill watch the video when I can, but Ay-va? No.