Sunday, 18 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 4, Part 2 - Happy Families...

       I woke to a blinding light coming through the window. "Come on Shads, time to get up." A woman with red her stood over me. She was smiling like we were old friends.
       "I'm sorry, do I know you?" I asked, completely puzzled.
       "Come on Shads, we don't have time to play games. Ivy and Sheldon came back with some leads." she said and pulled me out of bed.
       "Who are you?" I asked again then thought about it and asked "Who am I?" I couldn't remember a thing, only that I'd woken up fully dressed and in a room somewhere.
       The woman's smile faded then disappeared all together. "Lynxia, don't play this game" she was shaking her head now.
       "What game?" I said, again very confused. Then another woman appeared in the doorway. She had brown hair.
       "What's taking so long? All you had to do was wake her up." she was looking at the woman with red hair.
       "Sparky, she says she can't remember me, where she is or even who she is." her voice shook as she said this.
       The one named Sparky looked at me. "Lynxia? Do you remember me?" she asked calmly, yet slightly commanding.
       I shook my head. "She's been wiped." Sparky said. "Come on." she grabbed my hand and lead me down stairs. The downstairs had creamy walls and a dark wood floor. Doors led to different rooms while we went to the back of the house into the kitchen and dining room. The floor was black stone, the walls white and with orange oak cabinets and table with chairs. At the table sat five men and two women. One woman had black hair and pale skin and her eyes were a deep indigo. The second had pointed teeth and claws instead of finger nails. She had short brown hair.
       The closest of the men had black hair that was slightly long and a tired look about him. The second had bright orange hair and blue eyes. Next to him was a brown haired man with dark eyes. Then one who seemed to shrink away from the brown haired one. He had sandy hair and a stud in one ear. Next to him was a faded looking spindly man with light brown hair. They all looked up as we came in.
       "Lynxia, glad you could join us." said the orange haired man. They all seemed startled when I didn't reply.
       "Someone's wiped her memory." Sparky said. I sat down feeling nervous while the others looked at me. Sparky and the red haired woman sat down as well. "This is Eve," she pointed to the one with short brown hair "Ivy," then to the woman with black hair "Zathract," the man with black hair "Flame," he nodded his head "Nixion," he smiled slightly "Nicholas," the one with sandy hair jumped at the mention of him name "Sheldon," Sparky had a slight distaste in her voice as she said his name "And I'm Sparky and that's Robin."
       I blinked.
       "Don't you remember any of us?" asked the woman named Eve.
       I shook my head.



  1. Damn Awesome! Now you're like me! Forgetful because of some woman! Enough of !cause ther annoying me! I said Stop it!

    Oh Yeah, i love the story



  2. Cool!

    It'll be interesting to see what you think of them now you don't know them . . .

  3. What?! How could you forget about me?! ME?!

  4. *frowns* Someone just give her a good bash on the head - she'll be fine.

    *laughs at self* That was my exacr thought. I wonder how Lynxia will like Robina now?

  5. Wow.

    *looks around, and sees that there's no one around*


  6. Super awesome; just you got Ivy a little wrong. She wouldn't be classed as a woman, she'd be a girl because she's thirteen, and her eyes don't reflect what's around her, they're indigo. Other than that, though, it's awesome.