Friday, 30 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 6, Part 2 - On The Road Again...

       Ivy pulled the metal spikes out of the man's legs and turned him to face us, his neck cracking as she twisted it. He gasped as the spikes came out as the electricity stopped. He looked at me. "You." he gasped hoarsely "You look like her!" I stood there as everyone else turned to me.
       "Look like who?" I asked.
       "Mistress Vengeance." he said.
       "I... Do?" I asked, cursing my lost memories.
       "Come to think of it, you do look a bit like her..." pondered Eve.
       "Yeah, you-" Nix started. But Ivy twisted the hostage's leg so he screamed.
       "Getting back to information." she said. She looked at the man in the chair. "Tell. them." she said firmly.
       He gulped. "Th-the old warehouse. On the dockland. Number fourteen. That's her warehouse and training ground. I work at the Sanctuary. She pays me as a spy. Just don't let her find me!" he was begging by the end. Tears rolling down his face. He was clenching his fists trying to get out of the barbed wire but it only made it cut him more.
       "What should we do with him? He's a little traitor. I say we kill him." said Robin looking at the man in the chair with disgust etched on her face.
       "I agree." said Zath and Eve together. 
       Nix nodded.
       Flame looked at Sparky and they shared a glance before both saying they agree.
       Nicholas and Sheldon were slowly backing out of the basement as Ivy started to smile.
       Everyone looked at me. "Well?" said Sparky. "Should we?" 
       "Not my call. You're the almighty magic-y people. Not me." I said shrugging.
       "Well we've all said we will anyway." said Ivy, sounding creepily eager to kill him "So I'll do it." She picked the metal spikes up off the floor and jammed them into the man's neck, oblivious to his pleas. She turned the voltage up to High then walked towards us. The man twitched in the chair until his eyes rolled back and he fell limp. Everyone walked out, following Ivy up the steps leaving me alone in the basement with the smell of burning flesh. 
       My head screamed at me that I should have stopped them.
       But my heart told me I had done worse.
       I followed the others out of the house and down towards the river...

He had to be killed, he was a traitor...

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  1. I hope you will understand why i didn't press like.

    I don't want to give the impression that i like torture.

    But i definately couldn't press dislike, coz it was awesomista writing! Love all the bits which i can love without loving torture!

  2. Yessssss... Dead guy....

    I love how Ivy just walks out and everyone wants the guy to die. It's awesome.