Wednesday, 7 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 3, Part 6 - The Old Gang...

       We appeared in Sydney. "How did you know to come here?" I asked. 
       Sheldon looked at Ivy.
       "You kept in touch?" I asked.
       "I got a few letters. The sending address was from here." I looked up. There were storm clouds over our heads. Currents of dark grey and black. Rain started to fall as I looked at the house. It had its back to the Parramatta river and behind it I could see the opera house. It had white washed walls with a neat front garden with carefully cut bushes and tidy flower beds. The path was made of gravel and led to the big wooden front door and the double garage to the side. 
       I led the way up the path. The door, I noticed, was made of mahogany with a large, ornamental silver knocker. Three white marble steps led up to it. I put one foot on the first step when the door opened. Out stepped a smart looking man in a black silk suit but without a jacket. He had a black leather umbrella under his left arm and locked the door with his right. He turned and looked at us all. His eyes were a deep blue. His hair a bright orange. His skin pale. The face looked slightly grim, and some stress lines were on his brow. That face could only belong to one person.
       "Um..." Flame Phoenix said.
       "Phoenix!" Eve shouted and tackle-hugged him. The umbrella went flying and landed on the ground. Eve got up and Zath helped up Flame.
       "Good to see you." Flame said and shook hands with Zath and Nix. He looked at Ivy, scowled slightly but shook her hand anyway. He hugged Robin, spared a look for Sheldon and DI Daniels and finally looked at me. "Well, what a merry bunch this is, Lynxia." he said giving me a hug.
       "Yes, well. It's important." I said, still averting the big question that hung in the air.
       "Can I ask what it is?" he asked the Question.
       "Not until we find Sparky." I said.
       "Not to hard to find any more, given her job and all. She left just a few minutes ago." Flame said, opening his umbrella. "She should be there by now."
       "Where does she work?" I asked.
       "Sanctuary. Come one. I'm going there now. We'll all go see her. If we can get an appointment..." he mumbled the last sentence.


We reached a corner shop and went down the alley. There Flame pressed him hand against a brick and a panel opened in the floor. We went down to find an orange stone lobby lit by wall brackets. Five different corridors led to other parts. A skinny woman with her brown hair tied in a bun walked up. She wore a black dress suit and carried a black clipboard. 
       "Detective Phoenix," she said "You've brought... Visitors." she looked at the rest of us like muck. Me and Robin had to hold Ivy back. 
       "They would like to see Grand Mage Braginski." Flame said.
       "And do they have an appointment?" she said looking at her clipboard.
       "No, Flame. Not they, we. You're coming too." I said.
       "I have work to do." Flame said walking down a corridor.
       Robin ran after him and pulled him back in a headlock. "We need you on this, what did you call it Shads? Oh yeah, mission. We need your help and we haven't teleported round the world for you to say no." She let him go but carried on glaring, making sure he wasn't going to run.
       "Well, if you join these... People, I might be able to fit you in." the Administrator said, looking at Flame.
       He nodded. "OK, I'm with them." The Administrator sighed and walked down a corridor, we all followed.
       Nix sidled up to Flame. "So, that's yours and Sparky's place right?"
       Flame nodded.
       "You should have seen Nix's place. Total dump." I said and got a glare from Nix in return. Flame cracked a grin.
       "I can imagine." he said and got glared at by Nix as well.
       We reached a large oak door. The Administrator pushed it open and ushered us inside. It was a circular room with a grey stone, domed ceiling. The floor was a sheet of shining white and the walls were mirrors. at the other end of the room was a kind of stage with three thrones on it. In the centre throne sat Sparky Braginski. On her left was a dark skinned woman with floor length blonde hair and piercing green eyes. On Sparky's right was a man with grey hair and a short grey beard. He had brown eyes and frown lines on his brow. 
       "Wow." Sparky said "I never thought I'd see you all again." she got up and came down to us, hugging us each in turn. Including Ivy. 
       "Grand Mage Braginski. Where are your robes?" The Administrator asked. The other two Elders were wearing theirs but Sparky wore skinny jeans, a purple vest top covered by a black check shirt with black boots. Her Makhaira was strapped to her belt. 
       Sparky shrugged. "I hate those things." she said and turned back to us as the Administrator started to speak. "Why are you all here?" she asked. Everyone looked at me.
       "Tallulah Vengeance is back." Everyone except Nix gasped "I got hauled in for questioning and they placed some photos of my victims in front of me. Only one of them bore the mark of Vengeance."
       "That's not good." Sparky said.
       "Damn." said Flame.
       "Dear Goddess of Wisdom!" Robin said making a sign over her heart.
       "Uh oh." said Ivy and Eve.
       "What should we do?" asked Zath.
       "Hello? Will anyone tell me who Tallulah Vengeance is?" asked Nix. Everyone looked at him. "What? I was locked up as a child, remember!"
       "Well," Eve said "Tallulah Vengeance was around when we were probably around eight or nine. Our parents fought with her but she was also a big killer. She would go after anyone she wanted to. No reason needed. If she didn't like your name, she killed you." Eve finished with a shrug.
       Nix stood looking stunned.
       "So what? You're gonna jump in and fight her? Whole armies couldn't kill her. If she's back I need to prepare the Sanctuary and you two," Sparky pointed at Flame and Zath "Aren't going either. We'll need all the help we can get now." she said. Everyone was stunned.
       "No," Zath said "If Eve's going then I go to. I know where my priorities are." He put his arm round Eve's waist.
       "Sparky, we need to help. Lynxia, where was the body?" Flame asked. I looked at DI Daniels.
       "Where was the body of Helen Merritan found?" I asked him.
       "Uh... Uh... Merritan? Derby, I think." he stammered.
       "Well we need to prepare then. She's not here yet, we have time." Sparky said, sounding urgent.
       "So what? Leave England to die? We need to help them!" Flame held Sparky's hands in his own. "I know you're doing what's best for Australia but what about the rest of the world?" He looked in her eyes.
       Sparky took a deep breath. "OK, let's go."
       "But-" The Administrator started to say something but Sparky put a finger to her lips.
       "Sssh we're about to save the world."

Eh, eh?

As we all know from Derek's blog this Kony 2012 thing is happening on the 20th of April! I'm supporting them, don't know about you but I am. Watch out boating club...

In case you haven't seen the video... Here it is...

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  2. Niiiiiice. I call him Phoenix though.

  3. Awesome. Again. Its just as well you didn't make me surprised to see Sparky as Grand Mage because I'd know. And Eve. And Nix...well, no not Nix I don't think, but we'd know.

    Now stop reading this and keep writing!!

  4. EPIC STORY! Love the use of OC's in the story. Great writing! Really enjoyed read ing this! XD
    Can't wait fo rmore!

  5. Leather cracks and shrinks if it gets wet.
    So I don't think a leather umbrella would work. Unless it's a magic unbrella...