Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 5, Part 2 - Love's Twisted Heart...

In answer to your question Lorelei, it was leather so it was obvious it was magic. Or maybe it wasn't that obvious then.....

       Over the course of three days the others made different attempts to retrieve my memory. Robin's were jumping out from a cupboard and screaming 'BOO!' and hitting me over the head with a wooden plank. They didn't help. I heard Sparky saying one evening to a troubled Eve that they were wasting time and should just go. I was starting to get incredibly annoyed. Nobody was saying anything to my face, always behind my back. Everyone tried talking to me about simple things though, food, their day - well, everyone except Nix. Every time I saw him we would lock eyes for a moment and then he would walk away. I had caught him a few times about to knock on the door when I was actually on the stairs but he never did.
       As the fourth day passed I was ready to do anything to get out of the house so I went to see Sparky in the study. She sat there looking through a thick book with frail, yellowing pages. She turned round as I came in. "What is going on?" I asked, keeping eye contact "I want to know everything. This magic you talk about. What I was like and what the Hell a Necromancer is." I took the other chair and sat.
       She sighed. "You're not gonna leave until I tell you are you?" she asked.
       I shook my head.
       She sighed again. "Fine. Lynxia, you were, well are, a really good friend..." And she went on. She explained how we had met in somewhere called Blogland. She also explained my past, or what she knew. How I had grew up in a Necromancer Temple and trained in the Necromancer art. Then she said that I had hit the High Priest and became apprenticed to an assassin named Tesseract who had taught me the Adept discipline of bone breaking. She went through books as well telling me things I had known and lots of different stuff that I seemed to absorb. She didn't, however, touch on the subject of me and Nix. Maybe I had imagined that conversation I had heard but this still did not explain why Nix wouldn't talk to me.
       "So, how can I still do Necromancy and this bone breaky thingy when I can't remember them?" I asked.
       "Because the Surge locked you into the powers. Try it. Form a fist in front of you and think about the shadows curling round it." Sparky replied.
       I tried it.
       My hand became laced in curling and coiling streams of shadows. Dense enough to break something but light than air. It was an odd feeling.
       I stared at Sparky. "How - how can I do this?" I stammered.
       Sparky pulled back the left sleeve of my striped top and there on my wrist was a black bracelet with silver beads on it. The shadows seemed to jump from one bead to another like they were alive. I laughed. "I don't think I should try out the other thing though." I said, forming shadows into different shapes.
       "I think you should." she pulled out a chicken bone. "Eve let me have a leg." she said shrugging. Then her eyes grew wide Oh, you wouldn't remember. Eve eats live chickens."
       "Live?!!" I asked.
       Sparky nodded. Then held out the bone. I touched it and it broke in to two halves. "Wow." I breathed staring at my finger, to the bone and then to my finger again.
       Sparky smiled. "Well that's it. I've told you everything I could think of so," she smiled a little wider "We can hit the road and track down Vengeance."


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