Saturday, 24 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 6, Part 1 - On The Road Again...

Mild torture scene in this. If you've ever seen the film Taken, it's a bit like that...

       I went back to the room I had woken up in and picked up the bow. It was a dark ebony and felt smooth in my hand. My fingers fitted perfectly with the grooves. I picked up the dark cloth quiver and strapped it to my back. It fitted against my spine like it had grown there. I knew now that I had been a good archer. I counted the arrows. Twenty five and another with a red crusted end. It looked like blood. I decided to ignore it but it still kind of made my skin crawl to think that probably wasn't my blood on there. 
       Just as I was about to open the door to get onto the landing my vision wavered and in stead I saw a man with frightened looking eyes and an arrow being aimed. Before I could get a good look, however, it faded and I realised that the picture I just saw must have been a memory. Something that the magic memory wipe had misssd. I resigned to think about it later and went downstairs. 
       The others were waiting in the hall andwere looking from Sheldon to Ivy. Ivy nodded and everyone linked arms. They let me into the circle and the room spun. I felt like I was being squeezed through a tube and then we were in an alley with people rushing about at either exit.
       I resisted the urge to be sick but Nicholas still through up. 
       "Will you stop that?" said Robin, more demanding than asking. "You do it every time!" Nicholas stared at Robin but didn't say anything. 
       He was a pale green and looked like he didn't want to open his mouth, just in case. 
       "So... Where are we?" asked Eve. Going to the end of the alley and sticking her head into the street so people glared at her as they moved round her.
       "London." replied Ivy, smiling evilly "We found a... Lead, you could say. He was reluctant to share information at first but soon got going." she chuckled darkly. 
       We all shared glances but decided not to say anything. 
       Ivy walked past Eve with purpose and weaved between the mortals carrying briefcases and dressed in suits. Many were talking on phones. The buildings that lined the streets were either old, red brick or shining, grey metal. We reached a squared old building in the outskirts of the main city and went in. 
       Inside it was damp and dark. There was barely any furniture but Ivy walked over to the power bow on the wall and pulled the leaver. Lights flicked on and a scream came up from the basement. 
       "Oops." Ivy shrugged "I guess I forgot to 'unplug' him." 
       "'Unplug?'" echoed Sparky but Ivy was already going down the steps. Down in the basement we all looked at the man in the chair. 
       He had metal spikes in his hands which were connected to the electricity. He was strapped to the chair with rusted barbed wire that had cut deep gashes in his skin. His face was slick with sweat and he looked half starved. A little water dripped through a tube into his mouth. That was what had kept him alive five days. He was still screaming himself hoarse.
       Ivy walked over to him and he looked at her in horror and stopped screaming and just gritted his teeth but she just smiled. "Tell my friends here what you told me and I might think about letting you go." she said sweetly.

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  1. There, i clicked! Happy???

    Well . . . Now i've done that, i don't really have anything to say . . .

    I'll tell you i liked it anyway.

    I liked it.

    There, i told you.

  2. I know I clicked 'Like' too, but I'm also going to say that it's good. :) It's good. :P

  3. Just saying my older brother whom I hate is called Nicholas. Food for thought.

    I've seen Taken, kinda creepy.

  4. Oh my God did I do that? While I was realising that as I read I had to clap my hand over my mouth to avoid laughing hysterically because the fact that Ivy says, "I forgot to 'unplug' him" is... Well, it's probably one of the funniest things anyone has ever made her say. Congrats, Shadow, you just created an awesome Ivy line. Oh, and I really wasn't expecting Ivy to be the one doing the torturing... But man, that is funny.

  5. Thanks Val! I just thought it would be good if Ivy was the one doing the torturing. And the line, I was always gonna use it at some point, just hadn't decided who yet.