Saturday, 17 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 4, Part 1 - Happy Families...

So, I lasted around a week with a few slips, not very good. However, I am back and to say sorry for leaving - some more fan fic...

       "So..." Sheldon said "Do we have a leads but more importantly - can we crash first?" he yawned to emphasise his point.
       "No, not me and you Sheldon. We're going to England. We'll get the leads." said Ivy.
       "What? You a teleporter too?" he sounded shocked.
       "No, but I can." Ivy teleported behind Sheldon and back again in blobs of blue light. Sheldon stared but Ivy poked him and disappeared so he followed suit.
       "Can we crash though?" yawned Robin.
       "It's morning." Sparky exclaimed.
       "Not in England." Robin in grumbled. "Please?" she whined. 
       "Fine, I guess we can crash at our place." Sparky said.
       "Hold up!" We all looked at DI Daniels.
       "What?" said Flame impatiently.
       "You told me not to ask questions but I can't help it! What the Hell can you do. I want to know." he was looking at us all and pointed at Flame.
       Flame sighed. "Control of the Elements, leans towards fire."
       "Control of electricity." said Sparky "Also I can make you think what I want, only mild though. Some people can do it in a stronger form but..." Sparky trailed off.
       "Control of the Elements, again, leans towards fire. Also have a sword that I keep my aura in." Robin.
       "Bone breaking. I touch you, your bone breaks. Simple" Said Nix.
       "I'm not telling you!" Eve said, looking shocked. 
       Zath rolled his eyes and said "Elemental."
       "Necromancy, control of shadows," I said at Nicholas's face "Bone breaking like Nix too and a sigil on my arm with which I control my cats, they also share my memories and are impervious to magic of any kind."
       "You still have them?" Flame asked, arching an eyebrow. I nodded.
       Robin yawned half way through asking Nicholas if he would shut up now so we made are way back towards Sparky and Flame's house. Inside it had a polished dark wood floor with yellow-white plastered walls. It had a curved staircase upwards and we all climbed. The house had many spare bedrooms so we had one each. Mine was simply furnished and with calm colours. I was exceedingly tired so I flopped on the bed and just managed to pull the covers over me before sleep snatched me away... 


In my dream, a woman stepped out of the mist and smiled at me. I knew the face.
       "Vengeance." I said.
       "Is that anyway to great your mother?" she chided "Do I get a hug. You've grown so much since I sore you last which was... When? When you were... Seven was it?" she said calmly.
       "Six. Now what do you want?" Her dark brown hair swirled around her like she was in water. She had the hair and skin I had inherited but her eyes were a deep green.
       "You know too much. I need to make you forget." she smiled like they were discussing their day, not memory wiping.
       "But I've told the others. Wouldn't you have to zap them too?"
       "No. They don't know me like you do. They think I'm erratic but you can see the method behind the madness. I made the mistake of trying to train my own child as my apprentice but, well... We can see how that ended. You ran away to a Necromancer temple then left there to apprentice a Russian assassin." She shook her head the carried on "The only other who might suspect is that Mr Strange but I took care of his memory a while ago." she chuckled while I stepped back in shock.
       "That was you?" I gasped.
       She nodded. "Mm-hmm. I tried to brain-wash him into my apprentice. I chose to force him into bone breaking. He would be your perfect enemy. However, it didn't work. Such a shame." her head bowed slightly. "So now I am just avoiding death. I am coming ever closer. Being an Adept it is almost too easy." she chuckled again "And still I need to get rid of you." she sighed and went on in a calm, commanding voice "Lynxia Lost, my only child. You will fall asleep when I say and when you wake - you will remember nothing. Only survival instincts will remain. Now, sleep." she faded away into the mist waving.
       I wanted to protest, to call out but I couldn't. My head went fuzzy and sleep came, bringing with it a wave of amnesia...

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  1. HA

    I love how involved i am.
    Though in Nix and Mist a guy kidnapped me, and i think i killed him (ask Mist, he worte that part)
    But it's not like the worlds are perfectly intertwined
    5 out of 5 stars

  2. Yay! Even though I say only one thing, I still loved it.

  3. Wow, nice twist . . . I didn't see that one coming . . .

    And you're back on the blog! Yay!

  4. :) I read your stories too. And I like them a lot! :D

  5. I'm including that later Nix...