Sunday, 4 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 3, Part 3 - The Old Gang...

       We took Nix's car, which had a mysterious red stain on the dash board, out on to the country roads. Nix spoke to me whilst driving. "So where have you been all these years?" he asked.
       "Around." I said. He knew what I meant because he'd used that word when we asked him where he had been when he was a serial killer.
       "So, I see Sheldon's squirmed his way in-"
       "Hey!" came Sheldon's voice from the back.
       "-but who's the other guy?" Nix asked glancing at DI Daniels in the mirror.
       "I'm Nicholas Daniels. Who are you?" said the DI before I could respond.
       "I'm the person who's gonna have their fist in your face if you speak to me like that again. Got it?" growled Nix, turning round whilst still driving.
       The DI nodded and looked out the window. "Where are we going?" I asked Nix.
       "Zath and Eve's place. They live in the country and Zath does off-the-beaten-track jobs for the Sanctuary." he said, taking a right past a black lake and into a forest.
       "You kept in touch?" I said.
       "No, but when I last got arrested I looked at the papers in the filing cabinet after knocking out the guard." he cracked a grin. I shook my head, rolled my eyes and looked out the window. The trees were flying past. We'd been travelling the whole night. I could see a grey tinge on the horizon of the plains when the forest ended. We were travelling through farm land now. No artificial orange light like in the city. Just the light from the moon, the scattered stars and the greyish line on the horizon. Just when I was starting to nod off an outline of a farm house appeared in the middle of a field. Nix took a left onto a tight lane and drove through the fields. At the back of the house I could see an over-large chicken pen. 
       Yes, this is Eve's place, I thought.
       We pulled up by the house and I went to the door. It was red with a brass knocker. I knocked twice and I heard a shot gun click behind the door. "Who is it?" Eve's voice called sing-song like behind the door.
       "Lynxia Lost and Nixion Strange." I called back.
       "Miss me out then." grumbled Sheldon.
       "OK, I'll open the door." The locks clicked and the door opened. I ducked and used the shadows to snap the axe that came down. Eve looked at me and smiled showing her pointed teeth. "Yes, you are Lynxia." She came up to me and hugged me. "Shads! Good to see you!"
       "Is it them?" came Zathract Mist's growl from upstairs.
       "Yes, it is. You can come down now." Eve called back. Zath appeared at the top of the stairs putting on a jacket the wrong way round. He noticed and righted it. He came down and stood in front of Nix.
       "Nixion." Zath said.
       "Zathract." Nix said. They shook hands. "Long time buddy." Nix said.
       "Yes, a very long time." They stopped shaking hands.
       Eve shook her head. "Men. You don't know the meaning of the word hug do you?"
       Zath decided to ignore that and elbowed Nix in the stomach when he tried to respond. He turned to me. "Why are you here? It's been nine years, round about, and suddenly you turn up on our door step with Nix, a should-be-dead teleporter and a mortal. What's going on."
        "I can't tell you now. We need to find the others first." I looked away and could feel the looking at each other. Eve decided to break the silence.
        "Who's next then?" she asked whilst doing the awkward Nyan Cat.
        "You're in?" I asked, shocked.
        "Yup, now - who's next?"
        "Robin." I replied.

Yay! Lots of fun and violence to come!

I've been begged for Part 4 so here it is, to me it just seems to be lacking something... If you think so too tell me - it's getting on my nerves!

       When Eve had said goodbye to the chickens that ran away from her, everyone linked arms. "I feel so stupid" Sheldon said.
       "Nobody cares." snapped Zath.
       "Humph. England here we come." Sheldon replied and we found ourselves standing on a moor with the sun going down. Down the moor was a valley. And at the bottom, fighting a demon, was Robin Snowscar. Her sword was out and just as we landed she killed the thing and it crumbled into ash. She turned, wiped her red hair out of her eyes and stared. We walked down to her. She was standing by some boulders with the new ash pile at the bottom.
       "Robin Snowscar!" I laughed. "Where've you been." we hugged.
       "Here and there." she laughed back and hugged Eve. "Same question to you." she went to hug Nix and Zath but they stepped back and looked at her sword warily. "Men." she muttered.
       "Places." I said and smiled. It had been a long time since I had seen Robin. She had been one of the first people I had met when I had gone to Blogland and had definitely been one of my first friends.
       "So why are you all here?" she asked looking round at us all.
       "Lynxia won't tell us." Eve said watching Nicholas stagger back to the group after being sick again.
       Robin turned to me. "What is it?" she asked.
       "I need the others otherwise we'll fail. I'm sorry." I said.
       Robin shrugged. "Okay but I want to be the first to know." she said.
       "So you'll come with?" asked Nix elbowing Sheldon so he'd stop staring at Robin.
       "I will but I'll need to leave a message." Robin said looking through her pockets.
       "Who for? There's nobody out here." said Nicholas.
       "Yeah, no mortals but those ashes are gonna go back in a few minutes." she said pulling out some paper "Have any of you got a pen?" Robin asked.
       Zath pulled out a green pen and handed it to her. "Who is the message for?" he asked.
       "The Sworn. Otherwise..." she shivered "I've got no idea what would happen. I'm their leader, they need me." She finished writing and placed the note on the ashes. She stepped back and the ashes vanished in purple fire. "I hope they'll be OK." she muttered.
       "What... What, how'd you.... What?!!!" DI Daniels was looking at where the ashes had been with an open mouth and staring eyes.
       "Just accept it. No question, just accept it." Nix said clapping him on the shoulder.
       "So, Shads, you said you were getting everyone back together. Who's next" Robin said, coming back to the group.
       "Ivy Animosity, know where she is?" I said, hoping we could get a trail.
       "Last I heard she was in some prison called St. Anne's in America. We could try there." Robin replied.
       Great, I thought, a prison break....


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