Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 3, Part 1 - Sometimes You Just Need A Quick Escape...

       Luca Salzar was a tall stocky boy in my year. He was very thick and thought he was the best. He leaned over me, looking down on me which I did not appreciate, with one hand on the white wash wall he had cornered me against. His black hair was greasy, his skin a horrible yellowy waxy colour and his eyes were brown, mud brown. His breath smelled like Mortal liquor. "What do you want, Luca?" I asked looking straight into his yellow face.
       "I want to ask you something." he said in a voice with a thick French accent.
       "Depends what it is." I replied making it very clear I dislike him.
       "Will you go out with me?" he said, his thuggish friends grunting with laughter.
       "Er, no." I said and ducked under his arm and started walking away.
       "Why not, Fia?" he said grabbing my arm. "We'd make a lovely couple." By now a crowd was forming.
       "One, Luca, I hate you. Two, I already have a boyfriend." I tried to get out of his grip but he held on closer.
       "I'm better than him though." he said smiling now. That's it, I thought. I brought in his arm, elbowed his stomach and pushed him away. He charged at me but I tripped him with ease. He came at me again and for some reason I knew what to do. I flung open my arms and a sonic boom rang around the plaza. Luca was swept back off his feet and landed with a heavy thud. He didn't get up. The crowd gasped. I felt a mixture of happiness and guilt. I stared at my hands. They looked normal but a haze seemed to be coming from them.
       Whispering broke out in the crowd. "How did she do it? She's under sixteen." I heard one say.
       "I know." replied their neighbour.
       "The Chains, some came through the chains." this sent vibrations of muttering through the crowd. It all stopped, however, when Mistress Pennyfeather showed up, quick as a flash.
       "Don't you all have classes to go to?" she barked. Everyone hesitantly turned and headed back to their next Lodge classroom. I started to go too but Mistress Pennyfeather placed a claw like hand on my shoulder. "Not you." she said almost kindly "You are ready."

Dum dum daa! What will happen? This I do wonder...


  1. I know a boy called Luca not dissimilar to this. Ugh. It's sooooo awesome moremoremoremoremoremore!

  2. Wow, so cool. I love all the characters that kick butt! XD