Friday, 6 January 2012

Blood and Water, Side Story - Wyvern...

'Wyvern' means dragon and is a code name used by the Alliance for this story. You'll see the significance... I hope...

       The night was a light one in the middle of summer, a warm one with a slight breeze that swished through the treetops around the man. He stood still and upright, the tail of the dragon tattooed on his arm came out from under his cuffed shirt sleeve. He walked towards the house. This will be fun, he thought.
       The door was locked. He waved his hand and the iron lock fell apart. Only two people were in the house with the long drive. His targets mother, wife and daughter - she was only three, this made the game more sweet. He opened his scarred left hand and three sets of iron handcuffs dropped into it. General chatter came from the front room. The TV was on and the black and white screen gave everything a ghostly glow.
       "When did Frederick say the party would finish?" asked the elderly mother looking up from the lilac scarf she was knitting.
       "I think he said about ten-ish but it's only nine." said the wife sitting cradling the baby whilst watching a programme on cooking. The man walked in and the iron cuffs zoomed and clasped themselves on the occupants, even the child, supported by air.
       "Sit tight and wait." the man sneered at the shocked faces. He walked and sat down on the cream sofa next to the elderly woman who flinched as he brushed her arm.
       The time went by and the clock chimed ten. A few minutes after a car stopped outside. The man went and stood behind the door and when it opened he grabbed the slightly drunk mousy haired man who came through it. The man dragged the new comer into the small sitting room and turned him to face his wife and daughter in one chair and his mother in another. "You can save only one," he half whispered half growled in the man's ear. "Your mother, or your wife and child, technically that's two but," he smiled "I'm the one with the gun so I make the rules." He knew who the new comer would save, his wife and child, his future. The new comer thought he knew everything about that night and what his mother had seen but he didn't so loosing her would benefit the man and the new comer would keep his family.
       "I choose my mother, I'll save her." This confused the man and in that moment of confusion he was beaten down, his chance, his money, his status, his life, his money - all gone because he was smug...

When the next chapter comes out, you'll see the significance...

Lynxia x


  1. Oh my god he let a baby die? I'm crying now! *wipes eyes with live chicken*

  2. No... The baby didn't die. He killed the guy with the dragon tattoo... The baby didn't die - I'm not that evil! Sheesh!