Thursday, 5 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 13, Part 1 - What Lies Beneath...

This is part 1 of 3 and the 2nd part is from the point of view of Jon, this should be fun...

       Clare came around to find herself tied to a chair in Lyle's office - for the second time in her life. Next to her, tied to another chair, was Doc. Where's Jon? Was the first thought that broke the still hazy blankness that lay on her brain. Just then the doors opened behind them. Clare turned round and so did Doc, the creak seemed to have awakened him. Lyle came and stood behind his desk and Cole dragged in Jon by his hair. Jon winced with every step and it looked as though his left leg was broken. "Jon, my dear nephew." Lyle said as if he were welcoming him to a party. "You are very hard to kill so I'll give you a choice instead but first let me have a talk with your dear father." Lyle turned to Doc "Changing your last name, sneaky, nice though tempestas meaning storm. I would never have known but eyes." he said pointing at his own.
       Jon nearly fell and Cole hit him in the stomach and the wind rushed out of him. Clare tried to say something but her tongue was heavy in her mouth. "So, here we are and I said you need to make a decision so here it is. You can save one person in those chairs. Your girlfriend are your father, which will you choose?" 
       Lyle smiled. A choice that resulted in one person's death - only who would it be...

I hope you like - it starts to get a bit complicated now but, sit tight! You don't want to miss it! 

Read the birthday one under this too! I didn't mean to press 'publish' but I did. Oops?


  1. Do Jon justice, do the Sworn justice, please
    It's exciting :D
    Happy Birthday :D

  2. Of course he'll have justice but how?