Saturday, 7 January 2012


Blood and Water, Chapter 13, Part 2 - What lies beneath...

       Jon woke with a start. Cole had clearly hit him, more than once. His head felt foggy. "Rise and shine." He said, his face way to close for Jon's liking. 
       Cole grabbed his bound hands and pushed him up and out of the small room to where Lyle was standing against the wall. "Ready? Good." He said. Jon didn't class him as family. He was to cruel and inhumane. They went along corridors but Jon was just thinking of ways to hurt Lyle. They got to a fancy door with 'Lyle' on it. Coming from inside were the sounds of stirring... 
       Jon was pushed roughly in. Clare and his father were bound to chairs in front of Lyle's desk. The rope was cutting their skin and looked sore. Cole grabbed his hair and pulled him by it. It hurt, a lot. Jon also noticed his leg was broken and with every step came shards of pain, the fogginess had only just lifted enough for it to come through. Lyle began saying something that sounded like it was to him but Jon didn't listen. 
       They had Clare.
       They had his father.
       He was going to torture Cole but not give him the pleasure of dying.
       He slipped on the smooth marble surface floor and nearly fell but Cole was there to support him with a good punch. Thanks a lot, Cole, he thought. This fought of the rest of the fog and the room and words being said came into focus. "...We are and I said you need to make a decision so here it is." Lyle was saying "You can save one person in those chairs. Your girlfriend are your father, which will you choose?"
       What? Surely Jon had not hear what he thought he had heard but he had. Only one way out of this came to mind. Years of training helped you put two and two together in situations like this as well as always being ready, or that's what you tell yourself when you're a Sworn. Wyvern. That word swam across his mind. Wyvern. The result of being smug.
       "I'm sorry, wyvern." he said the code word like a name and understanding flickered in the eyes of both Clare and his father.
       "Ahhh." Cole said comically. "Does he have a pet name for you Clare?" He sneered. Oh if only he knew... Jon thought, smiling inside...

Fun! I can't believe we're near the end but it's so fun!

Lynxia x

Update 8/1/12

I, personally, think Skulduggery should drive this car! i know Derek says Bentley but... LOOK AT IT!

Don't you think he should! Comments from ALL followers would be nice but I doubt I'll get it...

Lynxia x

Call the whole thing off...

A few words will suffice, Robin and Flame (Phoenix Nightslayer, Ash Willowisp) have called it off - that's it. Done...


  1. Wyvern :D That's good I'm proud of you

    The cars are quite cool act

  2. Ummmmm. It doesn't have a roof.

    Don't get me wrong I love convertibles. But I don't think it's very practical for Skulduggery to drive a car without a roof.

    It's a nice car though.

  3. It does have a roof but in those pics it was down, the roof is red.

  4. Nope, shadow, sorry. I just can't see skulduggery in it.

    Your story is real exciting though . . . Can't wait for the ending . . .