Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 14 - An End or a Beginning...

       'I am coming for you and make note, I will find you.' The words still swam in Clare's head. Over and over and over. She sat on the stone steps leading up to the glassed room patio. It was circular and white in the middle of a lake in the grounds of the abandoned manor the Alliance was now using as headquarters. She had moved all the water out of the way to get here. Maybe cheating but at least she wasn't soaked. She sat there in the middle of the lake, in the middle of the forest with the top of the huge house just visible above the trees. The leafs were gathering on the smooth, glassy surface of the lake, dotting it with yellows and oranges and reds. It looked like parts of the lake had caught fire. She liked it out here. It was quiet and only the sounds of the wind and distant birds kept her company. Someone was waving at her from the edge. It was Jon. He was pointing his finger at the water. She smiled, "Swim!" she shouted. He gave her a look and tapped his foot and she laughed as she parted the water for him. He walked across and sat by her with his arm around her shoulders.
       "You OK?" he asked.
       "Yeah, I just want to know who this Lady Cressentina is and why she's after me." she replied. She had no idea who she was or why she wanted her, she only knew she was coming.
       "Come back inside. We never finished the party and I never got my trophy." he said bowing to an audience that wasn't there.
       "We have more important things to think about that fuelling your ego" she almost snapped and pushed him in the lake.
       "Like what? What could be possibly more important?" he answered in mock horror and pulled her in too.
       "I'll get you for this but for now... Race you!" and she pushed herself along with the water.
       She could only faintly here Jon in the distance shouting "Hey! That's cheating!" This lightened her mood but the storm ahead was like nothing they had faced before...

The End?

I'm sorry Robin but it had to finish at some point...

I have just been told I am in The Straight Jackets! WOOP! My title... Lynxia Lost, Commander of the Cheese Sniffing Turtles!