Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 12, Part 2 - A Suicide Mission...

       The Warrior Wishers stopped a metre away from The Alliance. Cole came a little closer and spoke. "You can either give in now or we'll take you by force, your choice." He said this while inspecting his finger nails. This was what tipped Clare over the edge, just this one action showing he was a heart less moron was what did it.
       She placed her hands palms together and watched as an only-just-visible javelin of shimmering air cam from between her hands and hit Cole on the arm. It tore his skin and opened a big gash which started to pump out blood. "That answer your question? Gatent alten ilyenta!" Clare arched an eyebrow as she said this and then raising her right arm and shouting the battle cry of the Four Stars, the founders of all magic.
       "Have it your way." and with this Cole ploughed into their ranks and started to fight. What came next was a blur to Clare. A newbie, by the looks of him; small and not very well trained in Elemental magic, came at her and she easily blasted him aside with a stalagmite that grew from her hand. All emotion left her and she just became a machine, with only one purpose;

To win.

       Soldiers after soldiers poured in on them, Clare went through them firing attack after attack, changing her fists to iron and hitting them into chests, pushing her hands against chests so they fly backward on fire. Occasionally fighters would cross her path. She saw Jon fighting twice, once he was fighting two people at once and the other he was slitting he throat of Cole's right hand man, Vincent DeMontae. 
       More soldiers poured in and these were not the newbies' they had been fighting. At least fifty of the best Sworns armed with their Power Blade and other weapons, around one hundred Elementals and the same amount of Secondarys. Sworns were a very rare magic type, if you had one in a group you were lucky - ten like The Alliance, you could rule a country. "Fall back!" Clare shouted. "There's too many of them!" The Secondarys went first through the main entrance, blasting people closest to the white marble door to entrance room 7, the one Clare had come through with Cole. Sworns were next, then Elementals. Cole stood up from the floor and looked at Clare. Shit, she thought and crumpled, barely concious. Jon and Doc came and tried to lift her but Cole got them too. The last thing Clare saw before slipping into unconsciousness was Cole standing above her. Laughing, laughing, laughing...

I dedicate this chapter to Sparky Braginski, 


,as she has won the competition to create a female character for the Golden God. CONGRATS!
So... I hope you like this chapter... It's one of the last! *sniff*