Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hatred can cause inspiration...

So I have this ginger maths teacher (that is not the hatred part, One of my best friends is ginger - I AM NOT A GINGERIST!) and he never explains ANYTHING! I'm bad at maths already, even though I'm in the top set which I don't understand(...?), and he is not helping! He gave us a surprise test today and gave us 5 minutes to answer, like, TWENTY questions! I hate him so much...

Name : Mr. May
Nick Names : Mr. April, Professor Ginger

So, I wrote a poem in maths to the tune of '1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4...' (You know the song, right?)

1 step,
2 step, 
3 step,
5 step,
6 step,
7 steps more.
Take an 8th and you will see,
Just how dangerous I can be.

You like it? I do! *hums tune*

Anyway... STORY TIME!

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 2, Part 1 - CWCA, Where Boredom Reins Supreme...

       Everyone had come to congratulate Ryan. He had loved it way too much. As if his ego needed any more inflation. We were sent back to our dorms and told to get some sleep for the morning assembly. When I woke the other four girls in my dorm where already awake. There were five girls and five boys in each year at Crested Wing Cliff Academy, CWCA for short. Our Angel population has never been high as each family can only ever have two children. Sometimes you get Angels who come from other countries with fairly large families, of which Tatiana was one, but the rumour was that an old curse was laid on our land so that each of our families could only have two. Nobody had been able to brake it. Some say even Gabrielle tried but not even his powers could do it. 
        I got up and did all my usual things, only when I finished drying my hair realise that I was now in the Gold Wing year. Our school has six years. First year is Stone Wing, then Steel Wing, then Bronze Wing, Silver Wing and then us, Gold Wing. I sighed. This year we had to start our pro-training for when we get offered our work experience later. I had no idea what I wanted to do and if you don't know then you get stuck with a sucky position as Demi or something. Demis were the people who had to stay in Raltazar, our city in the clouds, and just clean and work in the museum of artefacts we had influenced. It would be cool to be a Guardian but for that you had to be strong, my powers still hadn't shown so cross that one of the list, but a Seeker would be cool too, I guess. They were the elite who were sent out to try and find ways of lifting the curse. They hit it with they're powers or tried to weaken it with potions and other stuff. I'm doomed, I thought, I'm going to be a Demi! I grabbed my uniform and pulled it on, five minutes until the assembly.
       The uniform was a sky blue shirt with ruffles by the buttons for girls but no tie so we had our top buttons open, that wasn't against rules, a white skirt with no tights or shoes or anything for us and white trousers with no shoes for the boys. In my Bronze year a boy named Melten Von Draken had mastered making bed socks invisible and had given us all a pair. Probably my warmest year here on this stupid island. We had to have our wings out at school and the bullies favourite game was Pinch A Feather. This was when they would come up and pull out feathers and it hurt, a lot! Especially during moulting season where our wings were sensitive to loosing feathers so we knew what to compensate for. I opened the door and walked to the open air stands. Older siblings were meeting younger ones to sit in alphabetical order like we had to. I sat on my own. I had no siblings, my mother had disappeared after I was born. My father had always said he came to look at me and when he went to see my mother, she was gone. He had remarried but by then he was to old to have any more children. I didn't hate Seren but she could be annoying with all her optimism and happiness, CONSTANTLY!  
       Everyone fell silent. I looked at the stage and groaned.
       Mistress Pennyfeather was walking on to it.

I quite like this one. Not as depressing as B&W but still fairly depressing, don't ya think?

Last plea of the day...


Change the style back! The blogs are dying! We all hate it! There is no more competition to be first which is always really funny! People hate it! Look at Derek Landy's blog! Not 3000 comments any more! Just over 300! Where's the other 0? Everyone has gone! You have destroyed it! Maybe the whole 2012-end-of-the-world thing was not the world but Blogger world! It is dying! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!

A little rant is always fun...

Lynxia x


  1. I like the story so far. I prefer the other comment thing too.

    I love the story
    It's not letting me comment on here most of the time.
    I hate blogger :(

  3. I know Robin! It's messed up but I still read yours even though it won't let me comment!