Sunday, 29 January 2012

Crystal Darkflair, Robin Snowscar and Flame Phoenix. (WHO IS EATING MY APPLE!)

Just some pics I did of Flame's new story that I don't think he has named yet. I drew them when I was half a sleep so they're really crap! Oh well, see what you think...

 My new bracelet!

 Crystal Darkflair...

 Flame eating MY apple!

 Flame about to get hit by 
me because he threw me through a WALL!

 Robin Snowscar. Now you see why I 
don't normally do faces...

↑ Sorry! Some of them are to the side... ↑

But anyway - they're from Flame's new story. I did use some colour (so unlike me!) on Robin's hair and fire in her hand and from her sword to show she's, well, Robin, I guess...

Lynxia x


  1. I love it - The Flame one is very good! I'll put my original drawing of Robin up so you can see it. I drew it last year mind. I'll put Skye up as well - I got bored in English class xD

  2. Oh and thanks for the dedication on DL's blog :D

  3. Wow lynxia - you are so good at drawing *glares enviosly*

    But i want to get on wirh reading your story!