Monday, 16 January 2012

Ingestre and amazing ideas...

So, all weekend I have been at Ingestre hall doing music and having fun! It's in the middle of no where in the Midlands. Maybe one of you out there was there... But it was fun, we dubbed it - Ingestre, Hogwarts for Muggles! Because of all it's secret passage ways and stuff... It's good!

So, as you will all know - Blood and Water has finished. I know, it's terrible. *comforts Robin* But I do have an idea for a sequel called 'Me, Myself, and the Gun at My Head' which is going to be very fun but I'm still drafting it. However to fill the void I will be doing a story called 'The Wilting Rose' it is about evil angels and Hell and lots of good gothic things that I find interesting... So, here it is I guess...

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 1 - Love's boundaries...

       It had been two months. I stood on the cliff edge looking out at the cruel sea. He had promised and now he was an hour late. Typical. You could not trust Ryan with anything. The wind rustled the trees around me and grazed my back. I was itching to spread my wings but I needed to wait. Suddenly the ground behind me trembled and in a flash of golden light Ryan was standing there. Blonde hair swept back of his face which was slightly tanned with dazzling emerald green eyes. "You're late." I said, a smile inching onto my face. 
       "Has that ever bothered me before?" he asked taking a step on the red leafs on the ground which crackled under his bare foot. His white trousers fluttered in the wind and his bare chest looked as if the sun had hugged him and made him like the perfect biscuit, golden brown. 
       "No, I guess it hasn't." I said, keeping eye contact "But this will." and I spun him round and pushed him off the cliff. He was falling but he snapped open his pure white wings and hovered.
       "Come and join me!" he shouted up to me. I laughed. With my red hair flying, dark blue tank top slightly to small, denim shorts and no shoes it could have been summer but the sky promised snow so I jumped and spread my black wings. It started to snow as soon as I caught the wind and, honestly, there is no better feeling than flying in the snow. I don't know if you'll know it but... It. Is. Amazing! We headed towards the most northern point of the cliff where a cluster of houses stood alone, trapped by forest and water. 
       "So how was your sixteenth birthday party upstairs go?" I asked pointing at the sky.
       "Quite good, wait until it's yours. Ganta even smiled!" Ganta was the Arc Angel and rarely smiled. "Can you believe it?" Ryan carried on. And, truthfully I couldn't. "Wait until you get your Angel's license, I've got to get my stuff and then I've got to go to my first assignment. I can't believe I got chosen as a Guardian Angel, can you Fiducia?"
       "Kind of." I said gliding on currents of wind.
       "You're way to nice to me. I thought girlfriends where meant to be nasty!" he said half serious.
       "That's wives, at least that's what my step mum says." We both laughed and landed on Crested Wing Cliff and other winged figures came to congratulate Ryan.

My name is Fiducia Umbra.
I am an angel.
And this is my story...

So, what do you think?

Lynxia x


  1. It's so awful B&W has finished
    WAIT... there's a new story *reads like good minion*
    *Huge grin* YAY

  2. Yes, you are a good minion Robin - I would comment on your blog but I can only comment on mine and Derek's! IT'S SO ANNOYING!

  3. I love the story. Heaven is awesome. I want wings.