Monday, 2 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 12, Part 1 - A Suicide Mission...

       The footsteps sounded like a stampede through the long corridors. They went from red marble, the holding areas, to green, the hospital, to a yellowy cream colour. This was it, just through those bronze doors was the main lobby of The Cavern. Everyone stopped then a woman, Gelda Kendall, Elemental, spoke up. "Can you hear something?" She was right. A thundering sound of metal on marble and the banging of doors. Clare looked up. The circular lights in the ceiling no bigger than the palm of her hand were pulsing a soft blue.
       "They know we're here." Clare said, shock and anticipation building inside her while her voice remained calm but barely more than a whisper. "Get ready to fight."
       These words took instant effect. Jon, Rona and the other Sworns pulled out their swords. Rona had picked them up on the way to the holding cells. The Secondarys got into groups, banding together. If you were light or shadow you worked together, Tech banded with these as The Alliance held no other technology Secondarys. Clare and the other Elementals formed rows. All of them filled the wide corridor. One of three leading off from the main lobby. Even the children lined up. None of them were younger than nine but Clare still thought they should run. "Should the children go?" Clare asked Rona who was beside her.
       "Not if they don't want to." Everyone had been listening but nobody moved.
       The thundering grew louder and Warrior Wishers poured in from all the joining tunnels. Elementals, Secondarys and Sworns all moving together like a steel clad ocean. And who was at the front but Anton Cole.

We're very close to the end now... Only a few more chapters...

Anyway this was my last day of freedom before returning to school. If this is the same for you, you know my pain and I know yours...

Lynxia x

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