Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The neglected story Wilting Rose and book covers...

OK, first of all - story time!

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 6, Part 2 - Training...

       I flew over to the island. It was fairly big and spacious with green fruit trees, small beaches and assault courses. Yes, assault courses. Renna smiled at me. "You fly well, that's for sure. Come on. Time to train."
       And so I trained. Over assault courses. Flying whilst carrying Renna on my back. Hovering for as long as I could, which kills by the way. I trained for a long time because by the time Renna told me to stop the sky was an inky black and the stars. We repeated the training regime for one of your human weeks and at the end of the eighth day Gantrov landed on the beach just as Renna was hauling me out of some mud.
       "These silly little games won't teach her anything." he practically spat at Renna. She looked at him with a look of menace and then grumbled something we couldn't here. "What was that?" Gantrov snapped at her.
       "I just lost The Game!" Renna said looking quite upset, "I hadn't lost it in two days and now I have. Humph!" She crossed her arms and stamped her foot. By this time I was thoroughly confused.
       "Er, Renna. What is 'The Game'?" I asked.
       Her eyes lit up. "Well, it's a human thing where -"
       "We have no time for human things." he cut across her. "Ganta said she must go to Cydonia now." he smiled now "The situation is getting worse."
       Renna gasped. "After only seven moons of training he plans to send her out? And how could it get any worse?"
       "Yes he plans to send her now. And as for the situation getting worse..." he pulled out his stone tablet "Look, you know her?" he showed me a picture of a woman tied up. Her deep red hair was matted and uneven. Her brown/orange eyes looked defeated. Her tanned skin was cut and bruised.
       I gasped. "Mother?" I whispered. We were identical. Except my skin was a milky white like my father's and I was slightly taller. Otherwise, we could have been the same person. She seemed to be unconscious, in some kind of mud hut. She was tied to a wooden pole that rose from the ground and her feet were nailed to the floor meaning she could not sit. "She's in Cydonia? What is Cydonia?" I asked, not taking my eyes away from the picture.
       "Cydonia, Umbra, is the city of the Errnight clan. She seems to be in one of their Heat Huts. Where they boil people alive." he explained at my confused face. "It's past the Gates of Hell. Nobody who has ever gone has ever returned. But Ganta seems to think you can. I'm just giving you the message." With that he flew off.
       I turned to Renna. 
       I made a noise that was half scream, half  squeak. "I don't want to go. Anyone but me. I can't do this!" I was shaking now.
       "You are ready. You will be fine. I can tell. Go get some sleep and in the morning will get you suited up." Renna gave me a slight push down the beach. I took off and headed for Crescent Avenue, where our house was, wondering - What did she mean by suited up?

Wow, I haven't wrote any of this in ages...........

Book covers for Zath and Nix...

^^ Remaining ^^

^^ Infection ^^

I've had to shrink them otherwise they were huge... Ah well, that's that...

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  1. Too right you haven't! But ay least you have now:)

    So, a moon is a day?

    And the mother buisness . . . I hope she lives.

    It's just getting interesting now, DON'T abandon it!

  2. Here's my OC.

    Lavender Hope
    Age: 15, almost 16

    Appearance: Has dark-brown, almost a black color, hair that has a red tint to it in the sun, brown eyes, and glasses. Likes using contacts if in fights so glasses don't break. Is smaller than she looks, so she looks like a 12 year-old.

    Clothes: Plain jeans, not too tight. Likes wearing long sleeves. Wears zip-up jackets, with hoods, if necessary. Clothes are not magic. Wears simple clothes.

    Weapon: When she can, she uses a bow and arrow, but in close combat, she will use daggers. Easy to conceal, quick to bring out. At the moment, she uses only one. It's hidden in a secret, safe pocket inside sleeve.

    Magic: Adept, can transform into any animal. Also, favorite animal to be is a wolf or dog, but if it's for sneaking around, she'll be a cat. She also likes using hawks for speed or flight.
    Weakness is that she can only be an animal for 2 hours and a half at a time. And she'll have to turn back to a human before turning into another animal. It takes one second to change form.
    Can also turn into marine animals. Since her power can let her be any animal in the world, she will use it for things such as speed(hawk) and swimming(dolphin, she likes dolphins). Sometimes she'll do these when in human form, so she doesn't use too much power.
    When an animal, she can talk to people through their minds and choose who she directs her thoughts to. She could make a range so people in the area can hear, or just an individual. And also, as an animal, she can talk to and understand the animal she is in that moment. E.g- If a cat, she would be able to understand what cats are saying.

    Description/Personality: Since she is smaller than she looks, she'll sometimes act like a 10 year old, which gets a lot of people annoyed. But, sometimes, like in fights, she'll act more maturely. Is hyper a lot, so she talks fast and a lot and that gets on peoples nerves. And when she's hyper and excited, she tends to bounce up and down. Makes jokes often to try and lighten the mood sometimes, but knows when things get serious(like when it comes to fighting or if she feels friends need her), and tries to make friends feel better when something happens. Is very loyal to friends. She is mostly friendly, likes hanging out with friends and making new friends, and gets into trouble sometimes. She tries NOT to kill people, cause that's just not how she is, but she doesn't mind hurting or injuring someone. As long as it's not fatal. She doesn't like anyone who messes with her friends and people who are annoying. Accent is American. Specifically, Californian.

    Little history: Magic just came to her. One day, when she was 11, she just thought of an animal she really wanted to be, and she became that animal. Since then, she's learned what she can do with her magic and what she can't.

    I think that's it. Sorry if it's too much detail.