Friday, 13 April 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 7, Part 2 - Warehouse of Hell...

I've managed to sneak onto the wi-fi so I could update this with the next bit. Hope it's OK!

        In the office it was furnished like it was a modern bank. It had a white marble floor with granite columns and black wood furniture. It surprised me how much stuff they could fit into this small office or through the small wooden door we had come through, but they had managed it and it was not cramped inside either.
       Flame went over to the desk and started going through the draws. Everyone followed his lead and went to check draws of filing cabinet.
       I went over to Sparky. “What are we looking for?” I whispered.
       Sparky smirked. “I don't really know. Anything that would tell us where Vengeance is I suppose.” she said, pulling out a notebook that held nothing in it but children's drawings. Each one used the same thick lines, it looked like the same child had done them all. Sparky turned it over and her eyes widened slightly but I thought it was nothing to do with me. I turned round to look for a draw or something I could search. But what I saw, however, was a little more helpful. It was a calender. And on the date marked for two days from now was something written in big red lettering.
       “Uh, Flame.” I said, pointing at the calender. “I think I've found something.”
       Flame looked up. He walked over to the calender. “Nine o'clock, McKreen Bank Office Party.” he said.
       “Well that was easy.” Nix said.
       “A little too easy...” Zath muttered.
       “Well, there's no point hanging round here.” Sparky said moving to the door. She opened it and looking back at her was a man in black clothing wearing a matching balaclava. “What?” she said but he pushed past and ran at Ivy. More followed. Pushing past and running at us. Soon there were so many we could hardly move. Everyone had been pushed together. I felt Sheldon grab my arm and Robin grabbed my other. I felt the air vanish and we appeared in the main building of the warehouse.
       “They are incredibly cliché ninjas.” Eve said, laughing at their thin swords and thin clothes.
       “Thanks for that, Eve.” Ivy snarled and lowered into a stance. “Cliché or not, I wanna kick some ninja ass.” With this, the ninjas charged. They moved with each other like black water. Forming rows, they pulled out there swords. Everyone else settled into stances. Flame and Zath with fire in their hands. Nix was about to charge by the look of it. Sparky's fingers crackled with electricity. Robin had her sword out and it was pulsing a faint red. Ivy stood there smiling, she looked murderous. Nicholas had pulled out a pistol and was aiming at the closest ninja. Even Sheldon had settled into a kind of low stance, like a tackle.
       I realised I was the only one not in a fight position and so tried to look like I knew what I was doing. My bracelet felt cool, like it knew what was coming. I realized then what I should do. I curled my fingers and felt the shadows latch on like magnets. The shadows rose in the room and came to me like obedient dogs. I knew now, this was where I belonged. I smiled too, loving the feeling.
       The ninjas charged, lifting their swords. I let instinct take me and charged with everyone else. A roar escaped somewhere to my left but I didn't look over. I used the shadows to punch a hole in one ninja's chest the whirled and kicked another into his colleague. One made a grab for my neck and so he got a slap, amplified by the shadows now streaming over my body. They seemed to have a mind of their own. As I turned around again and again they seemed to know what to do. Yet something in the back of my mind told me not to go too far. Something told me I didn't want to go too far. I continued to turn, kick, punch and, occasionally, bite my way free. When I got the hair out of my eyes, I looked up and everyone was looking at me.
       “What?” I asked.
       Sparky walked over. “Shads, I think you better sit down. Just for a bit.” she said.
       “But I feel great.” I said, confused.
       “That's the point. Please, sit down. Let it pass.” I sat down while Sparky went to help the others move the bodies so they were hidden by machines. Robin walked over and sat next to me on the floor.
       “You did great.” she said.
       I looked at the bodies that had been chopped in half. There were more than a few. “So did you.” I said.
       “Come on. You seem all right now. I think she's gone.” Robin smiled then clamped her hand to her mouth like she had said something she wasn't meant to.
       “Who's gone?” I asked.
       “Doesn't matter. Come on.” she said and we helped to hide the bodies.
       But somewhere at the back of my mind, something was screaming, wanting to be let out.
       “Soon...” Elaisse whispered in my unconscious “Soon...”

Elaisse, by the way, is Lynxia's True name. It's been sealed but Elaisse is... no other way to put it really - a power hungry bitch.
There are some bits with Elaisse in here -
Look for the ones written by me and you'll see what Elaisse is like.


  1. My line is better.

    *speaks poshly* Those are incredibly cliché ninjas. :D

    Where's my fighting stance? Huh? Huh?

    Come to think of it, I don't really have one.

    Or DO I?


    Nah, I'd probably just stand there inspecting me nails.

    But get too close - BAM!!

    Go too far - CABLAMMO!!

  2. awesome. Straight to the point, i go to. Hey, I sounded like Yoda. Not that i've watched Star Wars. I watched Two and Three, but that's it.
    Anyway, my point is that i get straight to the point...

    CAN'T...TAKE IT... *dies*

  4. I'm gonna post Ivy's small bit of history here. It's kind of small because, well, Ivy's thirteen and that doesn't give her much time to do stuff, so... Anyway, here it is.

    She turned evil when she murdered everyone she knew after they had become doubtful of whether to love her or not because she had magic. In the process of that, she was killed and came back to life (I still haven't thought of a story to go with that part...). After, she decided that she should use her powers for evil and do killing for hire. She usually killed people after they hired her, so that she could remain a secret. She was about 12 when this stuff all started, so she was at a very young age. And because she was so young, her powers were a little more crazy and that made her more powerful. She ended up being a bit of a psychopath, and she likes to do whatever she wants. She never got caught and she hates most people, so everytime she got angry she kind of lost her temper and, well, killed the person. When she met Anomaly, she got a little better about things, but she still loves to be crazy and bother people.

    I think that's all I've got. Like I said, because she's younger she doesn't have much history....