Sunday, 22 April 2012

Histories, people, histories!

You, yeah, YOU!

Is your character in One For You, Two For Me? (Yes, this includes Star and Lav, yeah, you too!) Well, I need your characters history! I've meant to ask for a while but never got round to it but I am now so...

Get to it now!!!!! Go go GO!

Go wild. I need if you've ever killed anyone, if anyone's ever tried to kill you. Al that kind of stuff. Make them lengthy. I want ALL the information! And Zath, try to keep it in one post, I don't need that much information. If you don't know what I'm in about, Zath posted about three of four posts on Sparky's blog all to do with history.

Anyway, I think that's it.

Lynxia x


  1. You're a cruel person.

    I will do it when I get time.

  2. GAH! Why do you do this to me???

    So, i wrote out a history. I needed one anyway, i guess. Took me over an hour:)

    Just warning you - it's pretty long! Won't fit on one post!

    History of Star Inkbright:

    Star comes from an ordinary non-magical english family. One dad, one mum, one brother who's five and a half years younger than me (i'm 13), one sister who's three years younger than me and is NOT called Dark. Star lived without knowledge of magic for nine years. When she was nine, she mysteriously disappeared and everyone thought she'd been kiddnapped. Star woke up leaning against an oak tree three years later with no memory of what had happened.

    Well, Star did remember some stuff . . . She was up to date (and a year ahead) in education, and she knew about magic and the Sanctuarys and stuff. She had a sword - HER sword - with her when she woke up and she knew how to use it. She also had ink powers . . . She could move ink, sense ink and produce ink (in the palms of her hands is her fav), although she get tired out if she produces too much.

    She also woke up with a phoenix, called Zephyr . . . Star remembers that Zeph belongs to her, and that she helped Star during the Incident. Zephyr's a shadow phoenix. She has light black feathers and Star remembers she was trained to be a Necromancer phoenix. So Zephyr can use Necromancy. Without an object, she's cool like that. Star hasn't told anyone about Zeph coz she doesn't want her to be used by the Sanctuary or the Temple. Zeph flies off on her own a lot, often for days, once even three months, but she always comes back to Star eventually. Phoenixs are very intelligant. They're not just dumb creatures. Star treats her as an equal, rather than a pet. Zeph can survive by herself. She stays with Star by choice.

    Oh, and Star also knew some other things . . . She knew - knows - that what happened to her there was terrible, and that she WAS kidnapped. She knew the people who did it meant her harm. She calls the missing period of time the Incident. She often dreams about it, nightmares, usually, but when she wakes up she can never remember the details. Trying to remember it is really frustrating for her, like losing a . . .erm . . .library book or summat. You knows it's imperative to find it again, but however hard you rack your brains you just CAN'T remember where you put it. It's like that.

    When Star woke up by the oak tree, she was twelve, and still in england. She found her way to the Sanctuary, and they tried to help her get her memory back, but failed dismaly, of course.

    Star found her family again, and when she did, she discovered that her reflection had been living with them, pretending to be her, in her absense. Which upset her quite a bit. She still uses it though.

  3. Nowadays she works for the Sanctuary. The way it works is, Star helps them, and in return they help her try to get her memory back. If Star lays her hand on a sheet/sheets of paper and concentrates, she can memorise the shapes of the ink and make a perfect copy of it later (but not tooooo much later). Bear in mind that this is sheets and sheets. Also, she can rearrange the ink on paper, or parchment, plastic, whatever. So she can make different words. Yes, it works through laminated paper. Instructions being sent to people, she can change, then the people recieving them will do the wrong thing and the plan will go splat. Centuries old documents, she can change and nobody'll tell the difference, seeing as it's still the same paper and the same ink. Invaluable, see? So, she does stuff like that . . . She usually just accompanies people who need her powers. Very rarely the same people twice. Often she has to break in places, and of course there's sometimes fighting involved, but she can use ink and her sword . . . She's okay at defending herself, i guess.

    I'm not gonna say what happened during the Incident, partly because i just have a vague idea of it, but also because it would be a spoiler to . . .something. Sometime i AM gonna make a story out of this, and i'd rather not tell everyone the big mystery in it beforehand, if that's okay.

  4. Nixion was an average kid, with two parents and a little sister. At ten years of age, while walking home from school, Nixion was kidnapped. He was taken somewhere and was brainwashed and tortured in an effort to be taught the Bone Breaking Adept discipline. Despite all this, Nixion wouldn’t kill. He had mastered Bone Breaking, but he had a problem with killing. So the sorcerer who kidnapped him feed him a unique toxin that drove Nixion completely insane. This toxin somehow made Nixion like killing, and, killing the man who imprisoned him, he let himself out into the world after almost a year being trapped. For over a year, Nixion went on a mad killing spree, mostly killing sorcerers along with the occasional mortal. Along this way, he became infamous all around. Zathract Mist was assigned to catch Nixion and bring him in. After somehow managing to track Nixion, although they’re seemed to be no pattern to anything he did, Mist found him surrounded by zombies, in a very weak state. Nixion would have died if Mist hadn’t been able save him and bring him to the Sanctuary. Nixion’s way of thanking them was to kill over a third of the staff before finally being taken down. Mist convinced the Elders that Nixion wasn’t responsible for his actions, and needed help. They reluctantly agreed. Nixion went through a process that helped him gain the better part of his sanity. At least to the level to stop hallucinations and for him to be able to think properly. But he would never be able to function in society. So the Sanctuary thought it would be better if he never went back to his family. They made it so he was declared dead by mortals and they gave him some money to buy a place away from where he grew up.
    The money they gave him wasn’t much, so he had to buy a house in a bad neighbourhood. Normally, anyone living there had to pay money so they wouldn’t be killed. But Nixion spent all his money on the house. When they first demanded payment, he considered killing them. But he was still under watch of the Sanctuary. They gave him another week until he had to pay. The Sanctuary had told him he couldn’t get a mortal job because he had little of a background. Nixion had no idea what to do. He started to look around the house, hoping to find something to help him. All he could find was $20, spare parts, tools, an old driving lawn mower that looked like it had been through the apocalypse and a book about mechanics. Still a few hundred away from his target, Nixion couldn’t do anything. He made a decision that he would kill them, and be on the run again. To take his mind off his murder plans, he tried to read the book about mechanics, but found he could barely read. Cursing his education, he got as much out of it as he could and tried to fix the lawn mower. For someone who couldn’t read and only knew everything about mechanics from a book, he had done surprisingly well. When they had come over, he had offered to work there fixing cars. He demonstrated on one of their cars, and they agreed. They gave him tools and payed him to fix cars or anything like that, and in return he got enough money to pay them and buy enough food for him to survive. He also saved up for several punching bags, which he needed

  5. Getting bored with his life, he went out looking for fights. He was careful to not go near anyone involved with the Sanctuary. After a while, and more than a few fights, Nixion knew what he hated. Zombies, Vampires, Necromancers and several other things that all hated him back. The oddest thing was he kept running into Mist. The first time Nixion had slunk away before he could see him. The second time Mist saw him first. It went on like this for a while before they began to actually work together. Nixion rarely played by the rules and almost never went into the Sanctuary, even if he was injured. Mist saved him more times than he liked to admit. They remain close friends and help each other on various occasions.
    Additional Notes- Nixion is dyslexic, a side effect from the toxin. He thinks he’s just stupid, but somehow the toxin actually made him dyslexic. Magic does the funniest things.

  6. I know you said one comment, but I can't be bothered to cut it down. It's a rough draft of my new history. I also included a short story with no diaolouge (the new house money mechanics thing) because i was bored

  7. Robin's history... I don't know how much I should give you really.

    First thing you need to understand is, the Sworn are witch-born. Witches have a set amount of daemons blood which usually sits around 10%. Anyone with less than 7% is elligible to be made a Sworn. That was in the beginning now obviously there are Sworn babies.

    Robin's an Original right? The original Original. The first. So how much daemons blood she has remains a secret. She was coaxed into reciting the Sworn Oath by her sister Lightning who had also stolen the swords from a local fighting class. The girls thought nothing of it at the time until obviously their elemental power kicked in. Things just started blowing up in front of Robin... Basically what happens when Robin loses her temper a building catches fire and not everybody gets out. It scarred her mentally especially as someone important to her was in the fire. She will never forgive herself. The mistrust she shows of other people is because she is afraid they will get hurt if they get close to her. She's getting better but she has walls that even her own sister can't break through. Robin is very angry all of the time simply because of some slight self hatred which compliments her brash nature very well. Like I said she tends to think that walking up to enemy gates will work 'because if you look like you belong then people will believe you belong'. The only compassion she ever shows is when people very close to her or her friends, die.
    She doesn't kill humans. Nope no human killing, never have and never will without VERY good reasoon. Witches/sorcerors, vampires, daemons, (anything that is not human), yeah sure why not? Though she likes reasons for sorcerors and witches because they have less daemons blood. She can't stand the death of non daemonic and is actually a little squeamish. Robins (little red-breasted bird) especially (this has to do with the fire). Uh so yeah any questions email me Lynxx :)

  8. You want it or not?
    I'm not shortening the thing. Whatever, I'll give you the whole thing anyway.

    When the seven year old Zathract had accidentally stumbled across the Australian Sanctuary, he took an interest to the hidden world at once and devoted himself to magic. Reluctantly, an Elemental mage named Masoling-Grid Ragikk took him under his wing and started teaching him how to use his magic abilities after it was discovered that he had quite a lot bottled up inside him. Zathract, Jake Frox back then, went through many processes including having to choose a name. He eventually chose the name “Zathract Mist” for reasons he will not reveal. Ragikk started calling Zathract “Zath” to annoy him and Zathract begun calling Masoling-Grid “Maso” in turn. They both cared for one another and saved each other’s lives many times. Each seemed destined to be partner in detective work, yet also to drive one another up the wall as often as possible.
    Zathract soon became employed by the Elders of Australia and he joined Ragikk in solving crimes and fighting various notorious villains. Unfortunately for Zathract, Masoling-Grid was killed while they battled Vathrasi, a warrior who had sided with Mevolent in the War. Vathrasi had decided to go against the Sanctuary who had done a deal with him and had taken up his old ways, moving against the Sanctuary.
    Fortunately, Zathract and Ragikk alerted the Elders before his Hollow Men breached the entrance and they were able to barricade the Sanctuary and reinforce its defences. It was a fierce battle when Vathrasi himself blew down the defences blocking the entrance and somehow, Masoling-Gird ended up battling Vathrasi alone. Zathract, only being ten at the time, was thoroughly confused and had his hands full with Hollow Men himself. He tried to help his partner, but it was too late. Vathrasi had struck and Masoling-Grid Ragikk fell.
    A month later the Sanctuary had been rebuilt and Vathrasi had vanished. No one knew whether or not he had been killed in the confusion, but Zathract knew he was still out there, weak and binding his time, waiting to strike again.
    Zathract swore to himself to take down Vathrasi for killing his friend and mentor, but he hasn’t seen Vathrasi since that day. Instead, he continued his detective work for the Sanctuary, alone now, but just as effective as he was with Ragikk. He soon heard that Nefarian Serpine had done a similar thing against the Ireland Sanctuary a few years back. In-between solving cases and bringing down more villains, Zathract attempted to track down Vathrasi, but he hasn’t had much luck so far.
    And then he had met Vai Melt, a women trained in Necromancy, while ending up in a temple in Australia when working on a case. He had heard about Necromancy before, but never had a desire to learn anything about it. Vai wasn’t like other Necromancers though. She seemed quite normal actually. She saw that he had Necromancer powers in him as well as Elemental, something that surprised Zathract quite a bit considering that he seemed quite talented in that area of magic already. Vai Melt taught him some basic Necromancy and he quickly excelled in the subject, choosing to channel the power through his gloves, something he would always keep on. The only problem with them now was they kept his hands thoroughly cold due to the death magic running through them. Though Vai could never replace Ragikk, she was still a comfort to him none the less.
    Zathract Mist continues to work for the Australian Sanctuary and works as a detective still.

  9. During And Post Zathract Mist [Story]***:
    When the Elder Council of Australia demanded that Zathract get himself a partner for his detective work at the age of thirteen, Zathract suddenly found himself with a mortal girl named Lily Spire refusing to leave him alone after he saved her from a horde of zombies. With a stubborn refusal to listen to him and walk away from the magic she had already seen, Zathract soon saw that she was not going to leave him alone, and agreed to show her the secret magical sub-culture as Masoling-Grid Ragikk had done to him.
    After she was captured by Vathrasi, Zathract, Slayn Redeem (best friend and sparring partner), Kassd None and Crex Teress (another ally he had picked up in his time) set out to rescue her. They tracked Vathrasi down and while Slayn, Crex and Kassd busied themselves with Vampires and Hollow Men, Zathract freed Lily from the chains that had her bound and was taken aback when she kissed him.
    Having successfully encountered Vathrasi, zombies, vampires and Hollow Men, by this point Lily was now never going to turn away from the magic world and Zathract eventually agreed to take her as his partner. She got her protective clothing from Kassd and, after being taught martial arts by Slayn, it was revealed that Lily, under training from Zathract, found that she had a considerable amount of magic she was able to use.
    Quickly deciding to learn Elemental magic, Lily persisted and Zathract found himself teaching Lily at more frequent intervals, her skill growing all the time.

    Vathrasi sent Jack Rank (free-lance terrorist and part time hit man) to try and kill Zathract again, this time by blowing up his house along with his mother and father. Zathract caught sight of Jack before he was able to compete his task and quickly stopped him and, this time, managed to arrest him. Outraged, Vathrasi then moved out into the open himself for the first time in several years.
    Zathract, Lily (now under her taken name of Haze Ikkoku), Kassd, Crex, Slayn and a dozen Cleavers battled Vathrasi and his army of Hollow Men. Once again Zathract allowed himself to get caught up in the battle too much and Haze was killed in the fight. He lost himself to rage and even after he had murdered Vathrasi and every other one of his men that day, Zathract’s rage continued to consume him, finally being allowed to take control and fuel him.
    From then on Zathract Mist vanished. No one heard of him for 3 months and during that time many unsolved murders happened, though no one knew it had been Zathract who was doing it. And then he came to his senses. Mist attempted to expel his anger from him and become what he felt was whole again, but his darker side had already consumed an independent personality by this point. So when the rage was expelled from Zathract’s body, it drifted apart and took a form. This was Nagier Ryn, Zathract Mist’s evil half.
    Disgusted at what had happened, Zathract and Nagier battled. Nagier, still disorientated form his recent taking of form, was defeated and killed. Though, because he was still a part of Zathract, the rage simply took form again a month later, still Nagier, but now powerful, controlled and dead. In later months, it was revealed that Zathract’s True Name was actually “Nagier”. Learning this piece of information, Zathract quickly sealed his True Name as Nagier seized the power.
    Again and again, Zathract and Nagier have crossed paths, battled and then vanished for a few days. Each time, Zathract walked away bloody, broken and barely living. To this day, Nagier Ryn is a free-lancing murderer with his prime goal of killing Zathract.
    Zathract’s occupation is still detective work with the Australian Sanctuary, now a very high-ranked official in its status.

    ***History contains spoilers for Zathract Mist

    1. So, whatever. He's killed people, people have tried to kill him.
      He kills a lot of zombies, a lot of vampires and a lot of evil people who are actually powerful.

  10. I posted on the last post or something like that... Oh, and if I've ever killed anyone. Pfft! I can't list all the people, that's nonsense!

    (*Is ignoring the fact that half of the things I do is nonsense*)

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  12. Eve has no history. Simple as thattian.