Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One For You, Two or Me..., Chapter 7, Part 1 - Warehouse Of Hell...

       We headed down towards the river. Most of the crowds had dispersed now leaving only a small trickle of people. I glanced up at a large clock tower and the time said it was ten minutes past ten o'clock. The warehouses were behind the docks, shielded from passers-by by the cranes. We picked our way through the warehouses until we came to the one which had a large, white number fourteen painted on the door.
       This warehouse seemed abandoned but we went inside. Inside there was a large space in the middle with all the old machinery pushed to the edges. Steps rose to catwalks lining the room and in one corner was the tower which held two offices.
       In the middle, a man stood practising with a sword on a scarecrow dummy. He was talking to himself as he did it. "Ha ha! Bet you didn't see that coming." he would say or "You nearly had me then." as he jumped round it. 
       Ivy smirked and the man fell over. "What? You- You talked... Back!" he squealed.
       Eve was doubling up with silent laughter and Zath and Nix were grinning. I stood there confused. And Sparky, Robin and Flame acted as if they'd seen it all before. Nicholas stood as confused as me and Sheldon decided to end it. He teleported over and took the man. When he came back, the man wasn't with him.
       Ivy scowled. "I was having fun." she said.
       "Too bad." Sheldon said.
       Robin pushed past them and headed over to the bottom office. "If this is their HQ, I thought it would have been guarded better." she said.
        "Me too." replied Sparky, looking round suspiciously.
        Nix walked over to the door. It wouldn't open. "Locked." he said. He tried kicking it. It didn't give.
       In turn Sparky, Flame, Robin, Zath and Eve tried to get the door down but failed.
       "Oh, Move aside." Ivy said, kneeling in front of the lock. "Mist, give me that pen." 
       Zath gave her the pen.
       We heard a series of clicks. "Flame, shut up." Ivy said over her shoulder.
       "I didn't say anything!" Flame said defensively.
       "You're thinking aren't you?" Ivy said, turning the pen in the lock.
       Flame sighed. "I can't not think." he said.
       "Try." came Ivy's reply.
       There was silence.
       "I can still hear you." Ivy said after a few seconds.
       "I didn't think about anything!" Flame replied, clearly getting angry.
       "You were thinking about not thinking." Ivy said calmly.
       Flame growled.
       "Even after nine years you're still winding each other up." Zath said, rolling his eyes.
       Ivy grinned and pushed the door open. "We're in."


  1. No offense, but everything is better with ninjas.

    I hope the ninjas come soon.

    I can see that happening.

    ..So sad...

  2. Like.

    Just so you know, Ivy calls me Mist, not Zath.

  3. Nah, nijas are just pajama wearing fighters
    Actually, that's not bad
    Bring on the pj wearing fighters!

  4. I always have a pen on me, but no one asks ME, do they? Do they? No they don't.

  5. I had a massive grin on my face reading this

  6. I feel so immature when I read about Ivy... Wait, maybe that's because I'm immature...

    Anyway, everytime she does something it makes me laugh a whole lot and my family usally gives me funny looks.

    And you got Ivy right for sure. She loves that kind of stuff.

    (Because I do...)