Monday, 9 July 2012

What?! MORE story ideas!!!?

Yes, once again I have been hit by that bolt of inspiration that always seems to hit me while I'm doing school work.  Today's count - four stories which I will explain... 

So, today I thought of Hidden Agenda, Matrix, Bad Girl? and Divide. And, unlike me, I wrote little blurbs for them (I was bored on the bus, okay?!!).

Matrix first -

When Christopher wishes his life was more like his video game, Lost Land
he wakes up the next morning to find it is. In this new world, dragons exist,
magic keeps a cruel grip on the land and the country is tribal. But on the horizon
looms a new war and the Shadow Lord is rising.

Can Christopher take his place in this new world or will he die playing the game?

Now Bad Girl? -

Tucked away on an uncharted island off the Scottish coast lies
the school most people would love to go to, but not Melissa Hagen.
This finishing school is for the sons and daughters of criminal masterminds
so they can learn the trade and be the next generation of villains. But
Melissa had always been different. She had never seen the point in
bombing France or starving Georgia of oil but she has to to fit in. Will
she change her ways and become the evil daughter her parents want 
or is she bound to be a do-gooder and be kicked out of Decimator High?

Now, I saw recently that people's favourite kind of books are ones with groups they can fit into, like Hunger Games with the Districts and Harry Potter with the houses, and that's what really set this idea rolling...
Divide -

In the subculture of many cities are gangs and violence, but none more so than 
Thatston. The large city has had to cast a blind eye on the gangs that have formed in 
its underworld and move on but for Zara Olleen it's her life.
She is part of the group Platinum where you are either strong, or die. However,
in her heart she has always been a Lightning and she will do anything to get it.
By running from her gang she causes war between them all, something that has been
looming on the horizon for years, but this also attracts the attention of the higher
society and soon the streets are Hell and nowhere is safe...

And finally, Hidden Agenda -

London, 1927
Gangsters rule the streets with an iron fist and Joseph dreams of being
one of the 'higher class', where he wouldn't have to worry about food or
money or life in general so when the opportunity arrives, he quickly accepts
but what he doesn't realise is that the one pulling the strings simply wants money
and she is prepared to do anything to get it.

So, tell me what you think, please!! I want to know!!!

Lynxia x


  1. these sound AMAZING!!!! OHMYGOD!!!!!!
    Although the Matrix one sounds like a book I once read, Heir Apparent, when this once girl goes into a virtual reality thing, and dies a lot... And is stuck there until she can beat the game...

    Anyway, these are EPIC

  2. Oh yeah! That's awesome! Do you ever publish your work?

  3. I am super interested in Mattix and Bad Girl :D

  4. Bad Girl sounds cool! Well, they all are really interesting(and I love them!), but Bad Girl was the one that really caught my eye. ;)

  5. One of these ideas is similar to something I'm doing
    I am interested in all!