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In The Beginning, Chapter 1 - Coping With Zombies...

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So, this is a SP fan fic and is set before One For You and before Lynxia knows many of the other Bloglandians.

       I stepped off the plane and the heat hit me. God I hated Australia in Summer. I shrugged off my black jacket and pressed the cold metal of my bracelet to my forehead. In hot weather, Necromancy was the best magic.
       "Come on... What's your name again?" I called.
       The man stumbled down the plexi-glass tunnel after me. "Please let me go." he pleaded.
       I sighed and pulled him along. "I asked for your name, idiot." I snapped.
       "Clive." he said.
       "Right, Clive, hurry up. I only have two days to get this job done if I want my money so get a move on." I said as we passed into the main airport.
       He nodded and went through security and I followed. We were the last passengers of the plane so not many bags were left going round the belt. I picked up my simple, dark blue backpack and threw it over one shoulder as the zombie got his grey suitcase. The zombie was not yet falling apart but in this heat, he would soon. He had the average, boring business man look about him. Dark hair, blue eyes, thin lips, all together making an easily forgettable face. We walked together out of the airport and stood beside the taxi lane.
       "Hail the cab. Oh, and if anyone asks, I'm your daughter. Got it?" I snapped.
       He stuck out his arm a taxi pulled into the lane. "Yes mistress, but what's your name?" he asked as the taxi stopped.
       "Say whatever you like, just get in." I snapped again.
       "Where to?" the driver asked.
       "King's street." I said.
       The taxi set off, out of the taxi lane and onto the main road heading into the centre of Sydney. The buildings past in blurs of sandy orange, white and grey. The main city rose up in front of the taxi with the river to the left. The lights winked on one by one as the sun set and night pulled itself over the city. By the time we reached the end of the street, the entire sector we face twinkled like a jewellery shop.
       The taxi stopped and Clive reached out, probably by instinct, to pay the man but I, instead, flicked out my knife and slit the cab driver's throat. "Get out." I ordered Clive whilst getting out myself and facing the large building at the end of the street.
       Clive stumbled from the taxi, his eyes wide and I feared they would fall from his lifeless sockets. "But-But why d-did you do that?" he stammered.
       I placed the knife back in my boot and started towards the glass doors. "Because, he would have seen me and that would have been bad. I have been under the radar too long to suddenly be uprooted by some minimum wage idiot." I said and turned away from the doors and headed down the dark alley to the right. 
       "He didn't seem like an idiot and what do you mean 'too long'? You're what, fourteen?" Clive said. He was really starting to grind on my nerves.
       I turned to him, hands on hips and my 'I am unamused so shut up or die' expression etching itself on my face. "I don't care who he was, how smart he was or his family so drop it. As for my age, that's none of your concern so shut up." I said.
       Clive nodded.
       "Good, now wait here." I said and shadow walked to the eleventh floor of the building.
       The corridors were dark and I heard the elevator ding taking some laughing people home. I crept forwards, pulling my bow from my pack as I went. I never went anywhere without my bow and at least nine arrows. Always nine, I just love the number. I pulled out one arrow, all I would need, and turned the cold metal in my hands. It was made of steel and could travel immensely fast. I doubted this would even take five minutes. I got to a room marked 'Vice Producer' and went in. As expected there was a small window leading to the actual producer's office. As expected the producer was still there at his desk which I could clearly see from the window. I pulled out my Sharpie and drew my symbol (two fancy L's and a curvy x) on the metal feathers of the arrow then took aim.
       I closed my left eye and levelled the end of my arrow with just above his heart. I let go and felt the twang of the string, saw the arrow cut cleanly through the glass window and sail straight into his heart. His head fell onto the desk and his chest didn't move. He hadn't even had time to look up. I pulled my pack back over my shoulder and shadow walked back to the alley. I nodded to Clive and we headed for the open air of the street beyond.
       I was at the cross over into the street and away from the musty, rotten smells of the alley, Clive the zombie closely following me, when I heard a familiar voice.
       "Lynxia Lost," it said "Stop right where you are and put your hands behind your head."

Well? What do you think?

Lynxia x


  1. Hmm, Lynxia. You have a 'Like' button, a 'Dislike' button, and a 'Would be better if it had Ninjas...' button.

    May I request a 'More' button so I can click it repeatedly at times like these?

  2. Brilliant. More must be coming, or I'll... MORE

  3. ...we wants it.....

    ....we neeedsss it.....


    (*precious in this case means "chapter two")

  4. I agree with Vlaedr in this case!
    (Nice use of LOTR quoting.(: )

  5. Star Inkbright's comment...


    You just wait and see. It'll be Zath and Nix. I can forsee the future. *is spinning crystal ball*

    . . . Okay, I HAVE read this bit before, but still!!! I predicted the future!!!

    I really like it. I reckon it's one of your better stories, and since your stories in general are really really good, that makes this . . . Really really really good?

    Sparky's right. We do need a MORE!!! button. Although that moght mean people have to think a bit harder about what to write in their comments . . .