Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Murderer's Dance..., Chapter 1 - Social Call...

This is the whole of chapter one, read and see what you think! The end is... Just read it!!

      It had been three years since Vengeance had been locked away. Since then, not much had happened. We had all kept in contact, that was about it. Me and Nix were still together except I often had to travel but I always made time to go Down Under. I kept in touch with my brother who remained our link to the mortal world and he was always eager to her what was happening in our 'world within a world'. Sheldon had finally got over Linden and him and Cece were now engaged. That's it. We all carried on doing our jobs, Ivy's being avoiding authority, and just getting on with our magically extended lives.
       I had just finished my work for the day and was curling up on the sofa with some ice cream and a book when there was a knock at the door. I sighed, put my stuff down and got up. I went to the door and tapped the screen so I could see who was out there.
       The screen showed an empty corridor.
       I opened the door and looked left and right. Only Mrs Hensworth was walking down.
       "Are you OK, my dear? You look worried." she said, her wrinkled hands tapping my face.
       "Fine, as usual." I said, slightly puzzled.
       "I'd love to stop and chat, but I really have to go Lydia." she said and went to her flat and went in.
       She always got my name wrong. One day I'd be Lydia, then I'd be Lisa and once, much to my displeasure, I'd been Linden.
       I sat back down when I heard movement upstairs. Oh, for God's sake! Can't I have one normal day? I wondered. It's your own fault, you chose to study magic, I snapped back at myself. I went upstairs. Night and Mist were curled round the top banister of the spiral stair case, as usual but there was now a photo frame on the floor. I picked it up. It showed me, Ivy, Nix, Zath, Robin, Sparky, Flame and Eve when we were about fourteen in Blogland. We all seemed happy. Carefree, all most. I put it back on the side table and moved on. I checked my bedroom. Nothing, just my iPod charging in the corner. I loved my iPod. Everyone made fun of it because it was a Generation 2 and really old but I still loved it. I checked the bathroom. Nothing. Everything where it should be. I reached the end of the corridor and placed my ear to the door of my study. Inside I could hear faint, muffled foot steps as they walked round. Someone was in my study. A someone who was soon going to be in a whole lot of pain if I had my way.
       I charged in and used the shadows to close in on the person.
       The person shouted a little and wriggled until I forced them into a chair and held a craft knife to their throat. I let the shadows fall back and a familiar face stared up at me.
       "Can I get up, please?" Nixion Strange said. "This is important."
       I stared at Nix, then helped him up off the chair. "Why'd you break into my house?" I asked.
       He rotated his arm in his socket until it clicked. "I didn't 'break in', the window was open." He pointed to the one in question and I looked at it confused.
       "But... I never leave my windows open." I crossed to it and looked it over. There were no signs of it being hit or broken, it looked exactly like it had been opened from the inside. "I always close the windows when I leave the room."
       "Maybe you forgot." he suggested.
       "Mmm." I replied, pulling it shut and locking it, I then turned and walked back out of the study, Nix falling into step. "So, you said this was important, whatever this is." I said as I went down the staircase and sat on the sofa.
       Nix remained standing. Typical Nix. "Yeah. This morning, someone tried to kidnap me. I tried getting into contact with the others but I only got Flame, Zath, Sheldon, Robin, Star and Ivy. The rest didn't pick up or weren't there to pick up." he said.
       "You reckon someone's trying to kill us or... I don't know, torture us or something?" I asked, my eyebrows rising up my brow.
       "Not exactly us, have you have anyone kill you lately?" he responded.
       My face became serious again. "Nix, I'm an assassin, I have people trying to kill me all the time for revenge or to stop me killing them. You're gonna have to be more specific." I said.
       "People in black, blurred faces."
       I thought for a moment. There was the Japanese guy, the one with the huge beard and one who had ears like an elephant so far that week but nobody with blurred faces. "No, no one like that."
       "Well then," he said "It was only a few of us because nobody like that attacked the others I got in contact with." 
       I opened my mouth to ask him if he wasn't just being paranoid again when I heard another bump upstairs. I looked at Nix, my head cocking to the right.  
       "Did you bring a friend?" I asked.
       Nix pulled out his machete. "No." he said.
       I clutched my knife tightly in my hand again and placed my other hand on Nix's shoulder and shadow walked us upstairs. I instantly regretted this as two men, from the build, charged us down in the small corridor and, surprise surprise, their faces were blurred. One of them grabbed me and pinned me against the wall while the other tried to inject Nix with a blue liquid in a syringe. I tried to get my arms free but all the man's weight was on them so I kicked instead. I got in a few good kicks but I was still trapped. Nix, meanwhile, was fighting tooth and nail to keep the syringe away but the other guy was too fast and he buried the syringe in his neck. Nix's eyes started to cloud but he was still thrashing slightly as the man hauled him onto his back like he weighed no more than cotton wool.
       "Nix!!!!" I screamed. The one with Nix on his back nodded and the one holding me let go but as I lunged he brought the back of my right hand across my face and I went spinning down. I just had time to see a blue flame tattoo on the side of his left hand as he walked away before I blacked out.

Well? What do you think? This still the one you want me to continue (*cough*VAL*cough*)

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  2. I'm still slightly bothered how people seem to accept things so easily in your stories

    BUT THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, and I wasn't about fourteen at the same time as yoooooouuuuuuu... I'm younger

  4. Val, we're all different ages. Only a few of us are that age

  5. AHAHAHAHAHA, I didn't pick up because I don't have a phone and I don't live anywhere.... :P

    OMG, THIS IS AMAZING!!! This is like the sequel right? Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!