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HP Fan Fic, Chapter 3 - Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hogy, Warty, Hogwarts...

       Our common room is down below the lake with a long rectangle as the main room with large windows showing the murky depths and bathing the room in soft green light. Candles also lit the room and hung in silver chandeliers from the ceiling. On the left was a huge stone fireplace surrounded by leather arm chairs and sofas which were all a matching dark green like crushed emeralds. At the end of the room were black, wooden desks, bookcases and a  large, black grand piano (which I loved). On the right was a small raised platform with white pillars and grey, cobblestone steps to match the floor and walls. This small square of a platform was ringed by wooden doors which led to the dorms.
       Me and Thalia said goodnight to Nath and Dan and entered our dorm. It was the second on the left and was long and thin. There were five beds. Each was carved from dark ebony with wooden snakes winding don the banisters. The duvet and drapes were dark green with silver thread weaving across them. My bed was at the end and closest to the two, thin and tall windows.
       Also in this room, besides me and Thal, were Aisling, Scarlet and Pansy. Thalia occupied the bed next to me, then Aisling on her right, then Scarlet and finally Pansy who was closest to the door. The walls and floor were, again, grey cobblestone but, unlike the common room, five feet above the floor was a row of bricks with emeralds running through it. There was also another door, opposite Scarlet's bed, which led to the bathroom.
       My trunk was already at the bottom of my bed with the empty owl cage. I changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. I closed my eyes and was soon lulled to sleep by the soft blankets and the gentle lapping of the lake against the walls. 


       I woke up and clambered out of bed. A slightly ghostly green light filtered in through the tall windows. I crossed the cool, stone floor to the dark wooden door and went into the, again, grey flagstone bathroom. I washed quickly and scampered back into the dorm and pulled on my uniform.
       I finished putting on my thick, rebellious layers of eye liner and prepared to leave when Thalia shook her head at me.
       "What?" I asked.
       "Are you determined to make McGonagall explode? Knee high boots, white tights and eye liner? Really?"
       "I'll be fine." I said and slung my bag over my shoulder.
       Thalia muttered "No you won't." but walked with me to the Hall. We sat at the Slytherin table and were joined a few minutes later by Nathan and Daniel. Nathan sat giggling into his porridge while Dan glared at his eggs like they had tried to kill him.
       Thalia arched a eyebrow. "Do I want to know?" she asked.
       Dan grunted and bit savagely at his toast.
       Nathan smiled evilly. "He tried to fix his robes and, well..." he made an explosion noise and hand gesture.
       I almost gagged. "They blew up?!" 
       "No, but they did catch fire." Dan grumbled.
       Thalia smothered her laugh in her sleeve, I pretended to be too busy eating toast and Nathan dropped his fork to have a silent laughing fit.
       "I hate you guys." Dan muttered.
       Then the owls flew in and we heard gasps from the first years again. A small barn owl dropped a Daily Prophet in front of Thal and she pain it with a small, bronze knut. She flicked through. "Nothing interesting," she announced "Just more stupid Rita Skeeter stuff about how the Ministry is falling apart."
       Snape glided over then and dropped our time tables in front of us. I looked at mine. Astronomy Theory first, not too bad, then-
       "Ugh," I groaned. "We're with the Gryffs again second." We had all taken Care Of Magical Creatures thinking it would be fun but because of Draco, last year had been spent looking after flobberworms. 
       Thal, Nath and Dan groaned too. "Great, another year of Scar versus Snob." Dan muttered and we laughed.
       I carried on checking my time table for the rest of the day. Double Ancient Runes after lunch so that wasn't so bad. The bell tolled from deep in the castle and we headed for the Astronomy Tower. We headed north and were passing the hidden entrance for the Ravenclaw house when a broom cupboard opened and a Gryffindor girl in our year stumbled out. She was tall and thin and... Missing a shirt. She wore knee high socks, black shoes, a red and gold jumper with matching, undone, tie.
       "Hi Lucy." I said.
       "Oh, hey!" she beamed.
       "Luce, where's your shirt?" Thal asked. She looked at her arms and giggled.
       She turned to the cupboard. "Martin, is my shirt in there?" she asked and a shirt flew out. "Tar, gotta go, Herbology." she waved and skipped off, holding her shirt.
       We shared quizzical looks. "Martin... Martin Gonzola?" Dan asked. Martin was a Ravenclaw in his fifth year and he was on fairly good terms with all Slytherins. 
       I shrugged and went to the cupboard. "Martin?" I asked.
       A very flustered Martin came out doing up his blue and bronze tie. "Hey." he said.
       Nath shook his head. "I don't wanna know." he said and walked off. We waved to Martin and hurried to catch up. "She has a new guy every week." Nath said as we filed into Professor Sinistra's class.
       "I know, probably more." Thalia said and I hid a giggle behind my text book.
       "Well, the Tournament used to have a Ball at Christmas so imagine Lucy trying to dance with three guys." Dan whispered as we were now meant to be reading and taking notes on chapter one.
       Nath, however, couldn't help it and doubled over trying to hide laughs but not quite succeeding so the professor sent him and his text book to work outside.
       An hour later we left the tower room, Nath glaring because of an essay on how to behave he had been given to write, and started to make our way down to Hagrid's hut.
       Don't hurt yourself this year." Pansy said to Draco as we came out of the Entrance Hall.
       Dan went cross-eyed and made a hand talking-gesture whilst saying "Nyuh nyuh nyuh." in a high, squeaky voice. We laughed and got a glare from Draco's pet.
       Thalia glared back. "I hate her." she growled.
       "We all do." I said and then remembered I was taking to Thal. "Oh, right." I rolled my eyes and got a scowl.
       We neared the hut and the edge of the forest to find the Gryffs already there.
       "... jus' hatched," Hagrid was saying. "So yeh'll be able ter raise 'em yerselves! Thought we'd make a bit of a project of it!"
       Draco spoke up. "Why would we want to raise them?" he said coolly while dumb and dumber chuckled. Although I hated to admit it, he had a point. The things in the boxes, skrewts, were horrid. They were like long, shell-less lobsters with no heads and way to many legs in way to many places.
       Hagrid looked at Draco and tried to answer.
       "I mean, what do they do? What is the point of the?" he asked, looking disgustedly into the closest box. Pansy stood giggling while Aisling poked a skrewt.
       Hagrid was quiet for a few more moments, thinking, then finally came up with "Tha's next lesson, Malfoy. Yer jus' feedin' 'em today. Now, yeh'll want to try 'em on a few diff'rent things - I've never had 'em before," Brilliant, I thought. "Not sure what they'll go fer - I got ant eggs an' frog livers an' a bit o' grass snake - just try 'em out with a bit of each."
       A Gryff boy muttered something that didn't sound appreciative.
       We all gathered around the boxes with some, er, food and started putting it near the skrewts. It was pointless, they didn't even have any mouths.
       After about ten minutes a Gryff boy shouted "Ouch! It got me!"
       Hagrid blustered over, an anxious look on what could be seen of his face.
       "It's end exploded!" the boy said angrily, showing Hagrid hi hand.
       Hagrid nodded. "Ah, that can happen when they blast off."
       "You might be part skrewt then." Nath said to Dan and got some frogs liver in his face.
       "Eurgh!" winded a Gryff girl. "Eurgh, Hagrid, what's that pointy thing on it?" 
       "Ah, some of 'em have got stings," Hagrid said, his dark eyes bright. "I reckon they're the males... The females've got sorta sucker things on their bellies... I think they might be to suck blood." The rest of us pulled our hands out of the boxes now except Aisling who was even more intrigued and kept picking them up. I'm sure if they could have done, they would have been squealing.
       "Well, I can certainly see why we're trying to keep them alive," Draco said sarcastically. "Who wouldn't want a pet that can burn, sting and bite all at once?" I looked at Aisling, she was practically hugging one now.
       "Just because they're not very pretty, it doesn't mean they're not useful,"  Granger snapped. "Dragon blood's amazingly magical, but you wouldn't want one as a pet, would you?"
       "I kinda would." me and Aisling said together.
       Draco sneered. "This oaf of a teacher would too, I told you he tried to smuggle one out of the castle in the first year." he said.
       "Oh, drop it." Dan snapped and started throwing ant eggs at the skrewts again.
       "Look, Iggy, it's so cute!" Aisling said to me, holding a squirming skrewt in her very burnt hands.
       I looked at it. "Of course it is."
       "D'you reckon Hagrid would let me keep one?" she asked, blue eyes bright.
       "I doubt it."
       "Aw." she said and continued talking to the skrewt.
       At the end of the class, the bell rang and we made are way up to the castle for lunch.
       "Those things were horrid." Thalia said.
       "Oh, come on! They were cute! I want one!" Aisling smiled.
       "Yeah, you, Aisling, you." Dan said.
       "You trying to say something, posh-nose?" she asked. "Jake! Hey, Jake!" she called to a boy in front of us."
       "Yeah?" Jake Spatz asked. Jake was pale with icy blue eyes and shoulder length black hair.
       "Did you like the skrewts?" Aisling asked.
       "No, they were gross and should be killed." he said.
       Aisling's face fell and we laughed.
       "Why?" he asked.
       "Because she wants one as a pet." Nath said.
       "Are you nuts?" Jake asked Aisling, his eyes wide.
       "No, they're cute."
       "They aren't!"
       "They are!" They argued all the way back to the Hall and even over lunch.
       "There's something wrong with her." Nath said, helping himself to chicken.

It was longer than this but I shortened it because A: I couldn't be bothered to type and B: It was just the bit where Moody turned Malfoy into a ferret from my view. It might be mentioned later.

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