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Crescent, Chapters 13 and 14...

Chapter 13 - Power Control...

       Everyone looked at Probe and he held up his hands.
       "I'm not on the Plane." he insisted.
       Jinx closed her eyes, both hands held to fingers to her temples. "It's Probe! Get the Hell after him!" she roared, pointing frantically up the staircase.
       "What about the hostages?" Quake rumbled.
       "You stay and shoot if anyone touches the inner door." Flee comanded and then reappeared at the top of the stairs. "Oh crap." he muttered and ducked as Beam threw a jet of light at him.
       "Go!" Beam urged.
       Void teleported to Quake and kicked the gun from his hand and he threw her into a wall but she bounced back and landed several kicks.
       Kyle and Jess vaulted the staircase and tried to back the hostages away from the woman Philip didn't know. Jess shot a vine from her hand but the woman batted it away as if it were a small fly and reached out to the pair. Suddenly, both Kyle and Jess were screaming and clutching their heads as if they were going to crack open.
       Jinx splayed her hands and five hostages got up and charged up the staircase with dull, dead eyes while Jinx nodded to Flee.
       "She's told him the code mentally, go Falcon, we'll take care of the rest!" Probe urged him and ran down the stairs.
       Philip vaulted and concentrated on getting to Flee quickly. He flattened his arms to his sides and tried to be aero-dynamic. Philip crossed the lobby in a matter of seconds and had no time to slow down so he crashed head-first into Flee sending them both sprawling.
       Flee acted on instinct, reaching out for Philip and teleported to one of the higher floors, followed up by a strong punch to Philip's left cheek and a kick to the stomach.
       Philip stumbled back but his time in Hayfield High had taught him not to go down, that would be catastrophic, so Philip brought up his arms, ducked his head slightly to protect his face, and shot out with his right elbow and it cracked into Flee's nose cauaing him to clamp his hands to his face. Something about his eyes seemed familiar now, not the shock or colour but something else...
       "I've had enough of you, you little prat." Flee snarled, pulling his hands away from his bloody nose and feinted to go for Philip's face making him raise his arms, exposing his already brusied stomach which is where Flee actually landed his kick, sending Philip stumbling backwards, landing painfully next to a large window overlooking the skyline.
       Flee broke the glass with a chair then picked Philip up by the front of his suit. "They still rely on children to do a man's job then, I see." he said and held a limp Philip out of the window. Smiling, he let go and Philip began to fall.
       His stomach hurt, his lungs refused to take in air and his head spun while the world twirled arouned him. Concentrate, he yelled at himself. He thought of when his mum had made him a giant cake for his sixth birthday covered with superheroes. How ironic, he thought but found himself slowing down. He thought hard and demanded himself to stop. Just when he thought it wasn't going to work and he was going to land on the people below, he came to a stop only inches above the crowd.
       "Oh my God!" someone cried pointing up at him. Other people's gaze followed her's and soon everyone was looking at him, some clapping, some wooping but everything was directed up at him.
       Philip smiled, despite himself, levelled and flew through the revolving door. The new woman had her back to him so he flew stright for her, flipped and kicked her in the back.
       She stumbled slightly but turned to face him.
       "No, Falcon! Don't!" Void screamed from behind her, her voice weak with pain and fear that was also shown on her face..
       But it was too late, the woman raised her hand and pointed at Philip, and evil smile gleaming on her lips.

Chapter 14 - Paranoia...

       Philip was confused at first but then he felt a stinging in his mind which grew until it was unbearable and, before he knew it, he was gripping his head in fear it would crack open.
       "So, you're Felcan, I expected more." the woman said in a thick accent which was a mix of heavy Russain and German.
       "Who- Who are you?" Philip managed to gasp, falling to his knees.
       "Me? I am Paranoia, loyal ayccompleece of C'ptain Shade." she said and Philip barely understood because of the pain and such a mix of accents. "And you shoodn't be ayble to speak." Paranoia continued and turned her hand as if turning a dial and Philip screamed which rose in pitch the more she turned her hand and she laughed as his fingers dug into his head, drawing blood.
       "Falcon!" he heard someone shout but it was far away and muffled.
       His head swam and he felt like he was going to die, like he was on the edge of a cliff and about to fall but never falling.
       Suddenly, Paranoia was thrown off her feet and a pair of hands materialised and helped him to his feet.
       "Are you okay?" Chameleon asked.
       He nodded slowly, rubbing his head.
       "Good, c'mon, we've gotta get outta-" too late. Just as Chameleon was closing a pair of shackles around Paranoia's wrists, amid insults in fifteen languages, the doors burst open.
      "Get down! This is the poloce!" a man at the front of a squad of fifty men and women roared, holding a pistol.
       "Crap, armed devision." Chameleon muttered.
       "Stand in line with your arms in the air." he continued.
       Other members of the squad began helping up the ex-hostages, one man went to help the woman, who had re-claimed her child, to her feet. "What are you doing?" she demanded. "They saved our lives!"
       "They are a threat to society if they are who I think they are." the squad leader snapped. He was clean-shaven with short, grey-black hair and cold blue eyes. "Who are you?" he asked of Beam.
       "We are HATE, I'm Beam, next to me is Probe then Void, next to Void is Shimmer and Chameleon. That's Morph and Focus, then Pixel and Falcon." Beam said calmly.
       "See, ma'am, HATE, they caused the Thames Disaster." he rumbled.
       "That's a load of rubbish! They've only ever protected us!" she retorted. "Long live HATE!" she yelled and the other ex-hostages took up the chant.
       "Well, they're still wanted so they're coming with us." the leader said as Pixel's arm swayed into Philip's.
       Philip was about to move his arm away as the plastic was quite hot from the machinery in her suit when suddenly they were on the roof of the bank.
       "Get in!" Beam yelled, pointing at the helicopter as two press ones drew closer.
       Everyone boarded the machine and it took off as Philip strapped himself in.
       "Looks like we're back in the spotlight, internet mentions of us made today are at three fifty and rising." Pixel said.
       "This will either make us or break us..." Chameleon muttered as they flew away.

Well?? I'm really starting to enjoy writing this now. I've basically stopped everything to write this. I'm really getting into it. I've laid out my plot twists, I know what's gonna happen and what should shock you, heck, I've even got favourites and that's not a safe thing to do with my stories because there's always a traitor. So yeah, I love writing this!!

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Lynxia x


  1. Perfect, as per always! So proud of your avid typing these days Lynxia!

  2. I really like it, Lynxia. I am glad you continued writing this. I am not going to be a prick about it, but just watch out for misspelled words.

  3. Couple of spelling errors, but brilliant plot!