Tuesday, 17 June 2014

well oops

I have not been on in ages

Yeah... I can hear what you're saying 'Lynxx, what'vee you been doing?!?!' or 'did you get dipped in carbonite or something, wtf?!??!!' and honestly, I don't know, I just... haven't been.... on.


This isn't a promise that I'll be on more, 'cause I don't know if I will be but I will try and stop by to say hi or something!

I do miss all of you but IRL things also need a lot of my attention at the moment too...

So yeah.


Lynxia ~ x


  1. Thanks for posting, Lynx! Good to hear from ya. No worries, Lynx! If you're following anyone, you'd see that your reading list is pretty vacant of posts from... us, too. So the posts generally died down suddenly. Maybe we're all just getting busier as we get older. Maybe we're just not inspired the way we were before.... I hope not, but it's a possibility. Maybe we're all just lazy. Whatever it is not many posts have been written this past quiet year. I do miss needing to put new posts on a waiting list as they all come pouring in. It's been a while.
    However there is kind of a new generation on Derek's blog. There are always new people coming on, saying they've been following the comments for a while and decided to join. I assume they have their own blogs with great stories. Mostly what I've been seeing is their constant role-playing. I guess it started when they started that highly intrepid huge story about the Mevolent war. It's pretty serious too. I've seen people come on demanding to speak to someone else, and someone else watching the blog silently, not being seen. It's very hard to follow, and that's why most of us can't really participate...
    Occasionally I will get another idea for my story I was writing (or planning out) and then sigh because it's hard to write a story with barely any feed back that you're used to getting, on top of all the school work you have and other things... all that equals no blog posts.
    There was even one time where I opened up Dereks blog noticing that there were zero comments. For some reason I decided not to comment until someone else did (it didn't take long).
    I don't know why I didn't comment. Thinking back, that was crazy.

    So yes, we understand. We do. Do. do. do. dodododo.
    *slaps pie in Lynx's face*

  2. It's good to hear from you, Lynx, though I also haven't been on as much until recently. I just want to mention: Somehow, your pictures on the blog are missing... Well, they're not... there. There's just a white box with an exclamation point in it. Was wondering if maybe you could fix it?

    PS: I really miss you too. Hope you can come on sometime when I'm on and we can chat like before. :)