Friday, 2 November 2012

Happy (late) Halloween, guys!!!!

Sorry this post hasn't been sooner but I've been away from home a lot... Anyway, just wanted to show you my Loki cosplay outfit that I wore for Halloween this year. It's not as good as some of the others that I've seen, heck, it's the WORST!! But for under £10 I think I did okay... Ish...

I know I look like a complete idiot but I don't care!! It took me forever to get my hair to stay like that...

Anyway, 'tis my Blog-day tomorrow so I'm going to upload the start of my PJ fan fic, promise!!! If I don't, you have permission to beat me up with brightly coloured lollies.

Lynxia x


  1. You know that I will beat you, Lynxia. We've been through this.

    Cool costume.

    I was gonna go Trick or Treating with Hayley and Vulpin, but I reckon you can figure out how much that didn't happen on your own.

  2. Sweet costume, Lynx! Hahah, your hair is awesome. It was worth the effort.

    I don't care it i's the worst IT'S AWESOME!!!
    And I can tell your trying to be Loki, and that COUNTS as a GOOD COSTUME!!!!!!!! :D Great Job!!!

  4. Awesome job on the costume, Lynxia! I just have one question:

    Why would we waste good lollies on beating you up? Let's try rocks. They hurt more, and they're useless, and they don't taste good.
    But seriously, guys.
    Let's not waste the lollies.