Thursday, 25 October 2012


Sorry guys, I've been really busy as of late. Exams, art deadlines, coursework and more personal issues, but I'm still here!! Sorry!!

I've just really had zilch time to come on! Damn homework, it is my biggest bane... Well, that and maths or school in general!!

Anyway - stories and stuff because, let's face it, that's all that ever goes up on the Bubble.

Bad news, I have zilch. No Crescent, Patchwork, Fate, Chronicles - NOTHING!! I hate having writers block... Any suggestions of how to get rid of it? Pretty please??

Good news, I AM starting a new Percy Jackson fan fic. I'm not telling you who's in it yet, but if you have read the original 5 books then I could possibly draft you in... *thinking face* Leave a comment with parent, small history and appearance and I'll go from there, okay? No? Oh...

Well, other than apologies and disappointing news with all things story-ish, I have nothing else to tell you.
But I'll keep going, because I have no homework due in tomorrow!!

We should be getting snow soon!! Yay!! Apparently they've already got some further up and on the peaks, so that's something to look forward However, when we get snow I tend to go nuts. It'll be cold out and first thing in the mornings during holidays, I'll look up things related to my obsessions, right now, I'm writing them on a Christmas List (yes, I still make lists - problem?!?) and it ranges from the Death Note box set to a Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood T-shirt

My archery club has also started back up after the field was flooded. We're back in the hall now, so inside target shooting for me!!

In other amazingly awesome news - IT'S GONNA BE MY BLOG-BIRTHDAY SOON!!! I shall be one blog-year old on November 3rd. That's the first time I ever commented and it was under the name Shadow9. It seems so long ago now...

One more teensy weensy thing, I've also been practising my manga and I think I'm getting better, but you be the judge!

'Tis all, me thinks!!

*hugsies for all*

Lynxia x



    Just run head first into the writers block.

    That's what I do. Edit it later.

  2. I MAKE LISTS!!!!!! Hahahah, best part of my year....

    I love archery, too. Pity we don't have a club nearby. I am a fair shot.

    Good to see you back, Lynx. I await your writing soon (best cure for writer's block I found is to get a change of scenery. Long walks? A trip to somewhere else?).

  3. Whoo hoo, we're writers' block buddies! *attempts high five* *misses*

    I can't wait for more stories soon... :D

  4. You get snow. :'(

    Oh well. I get sun. :D

    Gosh, everyone knows when their Blog day is but me. I can't even remember what today's date is. Yesterday I thought it was December. O_o