Monday, 6 August 2012

A Post From Devon...

I'm bored...

I'm bored...

I'm bored...

Yeah, you get it. Devon is boring. Sally has but a lock on the wi-fi so I have no internet and I'm on borrowed time here at the moment as she agreed to have 15 mins of wi-fi, so yeah, not much to do.

It's raining, no sunny skies so we can't go on the beach. I've already finished my holiday reading so I'm bored out of my mind. I do, however, have a new story idea and I'm gonna write some more so I'll get to that in a min, we're about to have dinner and I can't multi-task.

See you in two weeks... If I live threw the boredom...

Lynxia x


  1. 15 mintes... can't it be a liiittle more, like a whole day of wi-fi?
    Missing you!

  2. Have fun, Lynxia! You're in England! :P

  3. Ten things I just thought of for when you're bored:

    1. Throw paper airplanes at people until they make you stop.

    2. Follow someone around the house while eating something menacing, like a lollipop or a popsicle. Just stare at them; when they run continue to walk. It'll creep them out.

    3. Draw smiley faces on any papers that are laying around, then proudly present them to whoever is in charge of the house, and skip away like you have no idea what you're doing.

    4. Scream "TRAITOR!" at everyone who walks past you.

    5. Draw tally marks on your arms and face and start running around, pretending you don't know how they got there and the Silence is after you.

    6. Slowly back away from your family until you've hit the wall, and pretend you're terrified. When they ask, say, "You're one of them..." and bolt out of the room.

    7. Speak in only gibberish for 20 minutes, and when someone asks why later, act like you have no idea it happened.

    8. Start interrogating the lamps in the house and takes notes on what they have to do with the carpet.

    9. Every time someone walks in the room scream about how they just stepped on lava and their feet are being melted.

    10. Talk to yourself very loudly until someone walks in. When they walk in, shut up instantly. When they walk out, start talking again.

  4. ALSO! You spelled 'through' wrong. Just to point it out...

  5. You stop writing so good please.